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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 284

I have a full house again. The newest roommate has officially moved in. I'm not excited about it. I love having just 2 or 3 max. The house is starting to get cluttered and I'm cleaning up after more people and the kitchen is overly crowded. I think I am just getting too old for this. I don't necessarily want to live a lone because I don't think I would love, but it would be nice to only have one other roommate. Maybe....

I think I am getting to a point where I just need to start making changes. New living situation, new job, new area. I hate going to work, I already talked about home and a change of scenery wouldn't be the worst thing. I'm just so comfortable with me life. I have been doing the same thing living in the same place for so long. It is just so easy to keep doing what you are doing instead of making the change. I just need to start researching and putting feelers out there so that I can become more serious about it.

I think living with messy people wouldn't bother me so much if I wasn't so bothered by the mess, but I am. It's just how I have always been. I have calmed down a little over time, but I don't think it will ever fully go away. I know I don't have OCD because I know a little bit about that disorder and I'm not THAT extreme to have it. Plus being OCD isn't just about being a neat freak. I took an online test though to see what % of OCD I was. Just for fun. I got 3/40. I'm for sure no where close to OCD, but it did mention that it was totally normal for normal people to be obsessive about certain things. So we know what I am obsessive about. ha ha. The microwave clock needs to be on the clock on not left on a time that someone took something out and stopped it. Drawers and cupboards needing to be closed. Things needing to be put away and not cluttering up the house. Dishes being clean and not being stacked in the sink taking up both sides. Making my bed. Pillows being straightened and in certain spots. So on and so forth. So now that is out of the way. ha ha...

The diet. Lisa and I were supposed to start this week. I hadn't bought the food for it Sunday night, so I didn't start Monday like planned. I started Tuesday and Lisa was supposed to start with me, but she didn't have a great day with it... and mine wasn't great because I didn't prep my meals before hand. I also don't think I bought the right kind of bread because I couldn't find it. Probably have to go to a special health food store. First day I was fine for most of the day so I thought I was doing great. The longer the day went on... I started to get hungry and the night ended with me having a huge headache that I went to bed with and woke up with (although not as strong as when I went to bed). So day 2 was a struggle and I cheated. Day 3 was better... and today is day 4 and I feel like I already failed. Lisa said I won't be able to keep it up when I go visit Trav anyway because he is too good of a cook, so I have decided to try and be as healthy as I can up until I leave on somewhat on the trip (lets be realistic... Trav has some dutch oven chocolate cake that is to die for) and then Lisa and I will BOTH start when I get back. Hopefully I will plan better next time since I kind of know what to expect.. I am going to have to do meal prep and not just wing it or I will fail again. Hopefully having someone do it with me, even if she is a couple states away... will help me stay on track.

I'm still watching Heartland. I haven't watch a show for this long in a while. I mean... there are 8 seasons. I'm not sure if the show is still going or not. Guess I will see in a few episodes when I get to the end and they leave on a cliff hanger or not. I have loved it, but I think I am ready for a new show too. 8 seasons is a lot especially when the last two you have to watch on some sketchy website because they are not on Netflix. It's weird, I put this show off for a long time because I am not the biggest fan of horse movies or shows. Although this is a horse show... it really is more about the relationships than it is about the horses. I think the thing that gets me about horse movies that I don't like is that there is one person and one horse that are the main characters and it's all about how the horse is so amazing.... this isn't like that. She works with horses... it's just her job. It's like watching a dr show. The show is based at a hospital and they get different cases and patients every episode. This is like this show, she gets different horses to work with that have different problems, but the show really is all about the family, the relationships and ranch life. I'm not saying it's the best quality tv out there... it is kind of cheesy, but not over the top... at least for me. I feel like it has actually had a lot of sweet moments that have put a smile on my face. It's totally possible that I am easily entertained. But hey! It's a nice clean show that I put off for a long time (my mom recommended it to me several moths ago) because I didn't think I would like it and I have been pleasantly surprised. That is all.

So I love Instagram more than facebook. I'm on Instagram way more than on facebook... but it also doesn't take up as much of my time. I check the pictures on my feed and get off. It would make sense that I would be more into Instagram. I love photography. I always have. I follow random photographers and people who love to be out in nature and explore like me. I even have some Instagram friends that I have never met... just people that I follow and they follow me and we comment on each others stuff. I have reconnected with people because of Instagram and become closer to some people (like my cousin Lisa) because of Instagram. At first I would use hashtags on Instagram to be funny... or just to use them. Once I figured out that people REALLY do search by hashtags and people were discovering my pictures because of them, I started putting a lot more hashtags. I love sharing my pictures and I love seeing other people's pictures. It's inspiring. A picture really can say a thousand words. It is amazing the talent that is out there and how beautiful this world is that people can now capture with their phone and share with anyone who wants to see. So I joined that world... hence why you see tons of hashtags attached to my pictures these days. However... within the last week, two of my pictures have been featured on another Instagram account called "BeUtahful" . Clever right? They just re-post other people's beautiful pictures of Utah. So I am completely flattered of course that they love my pictures... and many other people seem to like them as well. Of course I love taking pictures... but I really just love being outside and exploring even more. I love capturing the world as I see it.

A lot of things at work irritate me. Can you tell I would rather be outside than at work? Ha ha... but one thing that for some reason really irritates me at work is when I am in the elevator, and then someone stops before it shuts and gets on just to go up or down 1 floor. After they leave I say.. really? You couldn't use the stairs for 1 floor. I would do that all of the time just to use a cleaner bathroom. I get it if they are super overweight (although using the stairs would probably really help them) or if their hands are full or they have some injury... but those are not the people I am referring to. Just the average Joe that is stopping me on the elevator going up 8 floors (which on my lunch break I typically take instead of the elevator) to go up 1 floor. Yeah... it's another thing that shouldn't bother me. I know.

Tuesday we had a fireside with President Sandberg. My favorite church leader. He is the best and I wish he could be my therapist... like everyday. Not that I need it, but he is just so great, I love listening to everything he has to say. He talked to us about anxiety and depression and I have heard him speak enough times that I have heard almost everything that he has to say, but it is always good to hear again. I don't even really struggle with either of those too much, but sometimes they sneak in here and there. He is just great. If I were going to Education week, I would go to his class for sure... which he will be speaking on something different.

Wednesday I was super frustrated with people... so I decided to take a drive. A two hour drive round trip. Funny how I used to hate driving when I was driving my old car. Now going for a drive is kind of nice and relaxing. This new car of mine... we are going to go on lots of adventures. Now I just need to put racks on top so I can get a paddle board. I will blog more about that drive later.

Tonight I took Grant to Sodalicious for his birthday. I will also blog more about this later, but it was raining in Springville and Mapleton, but we were sitting outside in the sun in Provo. We saw a nice little rainbow and when I was taking him home the rainbow became more vibrant and then this bright lightening beam went across the rainbow! It was awesome. It was one of those moments where you wish you could take a picture by blinking your eyes. It would have been an awesome picture.

Tonight when MacKenzie got home, she accidentally rolled over a snake. She thought it was a stick until it moved after she rolled over it. Not sure what a snake was doing in our parking lot. Must have been lost. Anyway... I went outside with her to see if it was dead... and it was still moving... maybe it's last movements. It looked like it was struggling. I wasn't about to touch an injured snake, but I did pick it up with the snow shovel and move it to the park by a bush. I hope it makes a full recovery, but I'm not so sure. Maybe I will go back tomorrow to see if it is in the same place I put it. Ha ha. Even in a neighborhood of townhouses... we see snakes and muskrats and deer... just the other day as I was on my way somewhere... a buck jumped across the street. Not too often I actually see one with antlers. Always fun to see as long as they don't come close to hitting your car.

Well... I just talked a lot. So I will just leave with this. My roommate, MacKenzie is awesome. Last week she went to Sodalicious without me with some other friends while I was busy helping Sarah at Craft Lake City... and when I got home and opened the fridge and I saw this. She knows me well. Knows my drink. Knows my cookie and knows that I would feel left out, so she surprised me. :)

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jamie hixon said...

Well, at least you have one awesome roommate! And the other ones probably aren't too bad, they are just messy. I think that would bother me too, and I'm not even that clean of a person! Ha.

Ok, which diet are you trying? I FINALLY stopped breastfeeding Ezra and I'm thinking I'm either going to go on the master cleanse like a crazy person or just eat the same thing every day (oatmeal, salad, salad). If your diet is awesome, let me know.

If you want to move to Arizona let me know. ;)