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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fishing on the Dirty E

One of the things I do with Trav when I come to visit is go fishing on the Dirty E (The Elkhart River) that is right by Trav's house. Last time I was there, I caught a Bass that got me into Dallin's Bass Slayers Club. Well, this time I reaffirmed my membership. I actually caught a fish on my fist cast on the river! Luck for sure. I didn't come close to catching as many as Trav did... but I caught more than 2, so I was happy. ha ha.

Regardless of how many fish I caught, it's fun to fish while you drift down the river. It's beautiful and it's fun to hang out and talk with Trav while we drink Mountain Dew. We fished the entire afternoon. It was great. Fun summer activity especially going with someone who loves it so much. Trav was so proud of me every time I caught a fish. Made me feel good. He was always ready to take a picture. One time, I thought he was waiting to take my picture, but he was actually video taping me. You can see how big of an idiot I look like fishing.

It was a good day of fishing in Elkhart Indiana. Some great cousin bonding. Did I tell you there is a secret handshake when you get into the Bass Slayers club? I know it. I'm proud to say I'm still the only girl in the club.

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jamie hixon said...

Ha! That video is hilarious.