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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Payson Lakes

At the beginning of the summer I told myself that I was going to do something outside EVERY weekend it was nice weather... even if it meant doing something by myself. Well, this weekend I didn't have any outdoor adventure planned plus I wasn't feeling great. After sleeping in until the late morning I got out of bed and told myself that despite how I was feeling, I needed to get outside. So I went for a drive to Payson. I figured I would make it a Payson weekend since I was just at the Payson Salmon Supper last night. Why not go to Payson Lakes today and walk around and relax a bit. So I did.

It is a beautiful drive up that canyon. Anytime you drive up into the mountains it is beautiful. I got up to Payson Lakes and saw there was a pay station at the entrance. I didn't think about that. I didn't bring any money. The guy there was a sweet old man. I told him I didn't have any money and I don't know if you didn't have to pay that day or they don't make you pay anymore... but I didn't see anyone paying and he didn't make me pay. He just told me I was in luck and gave me a day pass to hang in my car and told me to have a nice day.

So... I walked around the lake a little bit and sat and relaxed and enjoyed the scenery... and then drove home. Just a quick couple hour trip away from home, but it was better than sitting at home all day.

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jamie hixon said...

I love your hair, and that place looks awesome.