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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Narrows

Saturday morning we got up early to hike the Narrows so that we could be back in time to still have some fun at Sand Hollow with our friends. It ended up taking way longer that we expected, but we still got to explore a little bit and have some fun. The Narrows is a beautiful hike. One day... I would like to do it again on a week day or off season when it's not so crowded and go from top to bottom. There was a lot more to explore than what I got to see. Next time...

In the two years that Allison and I have known each other and been friends, we have been on so many adventures together... near and far. We have traveled to 4 countries together. I'm thankful to have found a friend that loves adventure and the outdoors as much as I do.


jamie hixon said...

That really looks like an amazing place! It must have felt so cool to be there.

Lori said...

What neat pictures! I really want to do that hike someday. So- you drove all the way there, did the hike and drove all the way back!?! That's crazy. Glad you have a friend that will do that stuff with you :)