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Monday, August 3, 2015

Zion's Canyon Overlook

Friday evening I ended up in Zion's National Park with a few friends and a couple of people that I didn't know. We were going to do the Narrow's that evening... but there were a few clouds and some people got afraid of flash floods even though it wasn't raining... so we did the Canyon Overlook hike which is only a mile long... but it's a cool and very beautiful hike that has an awesome view at the end. If you didn't want to put into the hours of hiking into Angles Landing... this would be the second best view. We had a great time. I had done the hike before (I was the only one who had done it) but it was nice to do it again.

We found a mountain goat up on the hill before we started our hike. I wish that I had a zoom on my camera phone. It was pretty cool.

Views from the hike.

End of the hike. It's a great view.

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jamie hixon said...

Amazing! And how do you look so cute after hiking? I always look like my face is going to explode.