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Sunday, August 9, 2015

DIY Festival - Craft Lake City

I have mentioned many times that I have talented friends. It's true. One of those talented friends is my friend Sarah who I have mentioned before who makes the cutest bags. It went from an on the side fun hobby to her now full time job. To help promote her business and make connections and get her name out there, she signs up for festivals and puts her booth out to the public. She asked me if I would help her out last night. So I got to the festival in Salt Lake at 6:30 and helped her out until 10 when the festival shut down and then I helped her take down everything and carry it to her car and pack up. I ended up leaving Salt Lake around 12:30 am which didn't get me home until after 1 in the morning.

It was a long night, but it was fun to look around the festival at all the local talent. There was a lot of great stuff there! I ended up picking up this cute little ceramic dish to put my rings in.

Then in a booth right behind Sarah (by chance, not on purpose) was my friend Lexi's booth. I met Lexi through Sarah when Sarah put on the Flashmob for her birthday a few years back and she has become a good friend. She had this really cute booth selling some of her graphic designs. I of course always love to support my friends in their talents and pursing their dreams, so I bought this cute adventure phrase from her because adventure is so me.

Out of all of the booths that I looked at, Lexi's and especially Sarah's booth's were my favorite. I mean how they decorated... not just what they were selling. I LOVE these girls style. I couldn't get enough of all of Sarah's stuff that she had displayed in her booth. Can she please just come decorate my life?

It was a great place to hang out for several hours. It is always fun to hang out with Sarah and Lexi (though I didn't get to hang out much with Lexi since she had her own booth) and I even ran into some old acquaintances and made some new connections and friends. What a friendly and fun crowd at this event. Glad Sarah asked me to help out. AND for helping out... I got to pick out a make up bag from her collection. Lucky me! I chose this one.
Love these girls! They are styling, fun and talented girls and I wish I had their drive to start my own business like they have. They amaze me and I'm lucky to have them as my friends.


jamie hixon said...

What a fun event. I would have been in heaven there. Your friends are awesome, and good choice on the free bag. I sometimes get jealous of people with businesses like this, and then I remember how much flipping work it is, and I stop being jealous. ;) They are awesome.

Lori said...

Looks like a cool event! I would have loved to walk around and check it out. How nice of you to help her :)