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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 287

I am in desperate need of a pedicure. My feet have been pretty beat up this summer. It's a good thing. It means I have been active outside. I am just recovering from blisters from hiking in Goblin Valley over the weekend and my poor legs are barely starting to recover from the many mosquito bites I got while visiting Trav. My feet are also super rough and just getting worse from all of the hiking. So they need to be rewarded with a pedicure.

My favorite fitness instructor is back at the Novell gym after taking a summer break. I'm sad that she isn't doing pilates though. I miss pilates. She is doing a fun new class though called U-Jam. It's like Zumba, but better because there is more hip hop. It feels more like a dance class with less repetitive moves. I love it.... but I am also hoping that pilates comes back. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday was a cousin day. Trav is in town... I know, long time no see. So I met up with Trav and Dave in Salt Lake and we did a little hike... but I will blog more about that later. After the hike we went to dinner in Salt Lake at a place called the Porcupine and had the best nachos of my life. I like having one on one time with my cousins, it doesn't happen very often, but this summer I feel like I have gotten a lot of it, which is awesome. One on one time with Lisa in July (which is rare with her big family) one on one time with Trav when I was in Michiana and his family was busy and one on one time with Dave and Trav on our hike and dinner. Lucky me!

Wednesday I hung out with Stacey... trying to figure out things for our trip. Trip planning is fun, but there are parts of it that can be a drag... the kind you want to get over with so you can get to the fun parts. The fun is yet to come.

Tonight Trav and Dave invited me over to Dave's house to hang out with them while they watched football. I don't really care about football, but hanging out with them is fun, so I went. We had fun and now I won't see Trav again for who knows how long.

I finished Nashville, well... until the next season starts up again this month, then I will have to keep up on it week to week. I think it is a show I will want to keep up on though. I like it. I will probably watch some random movies before I get invested in another tv show.

I'm excited for the Holiday weekend. I just love long weekends even though they never seem long enough. I'm supposed to go out of town, but pattern with this certain friend... I'm guessing it won't happen. In that case, not sure what this weekend will bring. Guess we shall see.


jamie hixon said...

Wait, did you just pretty much say that hanging out with Stacey was a drag?! Haha.

Oh, and I need a pedicure too. I just gave one to Gwen... I need one now. And your legs look like you have the chicken pox! I don't think I have had that many mosquito bites in a long time.

Tracy Mills said...

Ha ha. NO! Hanging out with Stacey is fun. We were trying to figure out visa stuff for our trip and that has been a drag.