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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 290

Well... I'm on week 2 of the Fast Metabolism Diet. It's going well. I didn't weigh myself when I first started because I didn't want to know. Weighing myself is depressing to me and I like to just go off of how my clothes fit. But... Lisa got mad at me for not weighing in... because I need to see my progress on the scale, so I weighed in on Monday. So we will see how I do next Monday. Lisa is a good coach. She is a great support system. It's nice to be accountable to someone. Even though weighing myself on Monday was depressing and I hated seeing how much weight I gained back... I feel really good right now. I am never hungry. I have been on top of exercising and feeling stronger. I know I have lost a little bit of weight, just don't know how much. I am not craving sugar as much as I thought I would which is also great. So far I'm happy with it. 2 more weeks to go. We will see how I feel at the end, but the plan right now is to finish out strict on the diet... take a week break (still eating healthy, but not being strict on the exact rules (food on certain days) and eating some extra stuff I can't have on the diet then go back on for another 28 days. Wish me luck. I am hoping this is the long term solution that I need to not struggle with my weight anymore. Clean eating. I have started shopping at Sprouts now and that helps a lot. There are only healthy options there. I still need to be better about prepping and finding new recipes, but hey... I even did well road tripping/ camping! I didn't get off plan. I would call that a success.

Wednesday I participated in my friend RJ's next music video that should be out next week.I wasn't a character or anything... although I almost was a backup for someone that was on the fence... I was just a dancer. I didn't mind though because I found out the day before... I didn't have to get a costume. I just showed up after work, danced for an hour until he got the shot that he wanted and then I headed to salt lake for my eyelash / massage trade and it was perfect because I missed all of the nasty rush hour traffic. I have no idea how the video will turn out, but they are always a fun to be a part of.

I had another picture featured on Instagram. I'm on a roll! Ha ha... this time I was featured on igSouthWest. They are a bigger account, not as big as igUtah. The picture they chose though was just ok I thought. It wasn't one of my best, so I thought that was weird. I'd rather be saved to get featured on my better pictures. But they chose it I guess.

My car was super dirty from the road trip over the weekend. All the old bugs I just scrubbed off, I got a whole set of new ones. I didn't want to spend an hour scrubbing them off... so I decided to try out Wiggy Wash in Springville. I AM SOLD! Best car wash I have experienced. It got all the bugs off except the ones that are stuck inside of the grill. It was awesome. I think on my 1 year anniversary of having my car, I'm going to go there and get the works. Wash, wax, clean the inside.... it's going to be awesome.

Almost done watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. First 2 seasons are the best, but I have been enjoying the other seasons as well. I'm half way done with season 5, the last season. I'm not sure what I will watch next. I guess all the shows are starting up again... so I will be spending time on Hulu keeping up with all the shows that I have watched that are still going.

My boss called me into the office this week. I thought I might be in trouble, although I'm not sure what I would be in trouble about. She was concerned that I isolate myself. Ha ha.... I do. Not a secret. I don't care. She tells me I need to work on being more social. I'd rather just watch my Netflix shows. When I told her I just get involved in work and in my Netflix shows, she pulls me over and makes me watch the beginning of a new show so that I want to watch it and keep up on it. It's called Blindspot. It looks interesting. Maybe I will.

My iPhone updated again. It is amazing the things they change. When I was in Salt Lake the other day... I didn't even have my GPS open and when I got in the car to go home.... my phone lights up and tells me that the traffic is clear on my way home. What? Interesting new changes. Cool.

I HATE changing my password at work. Seriously... for security reasons they make us change our password every few months or something like that. I hate it because I can never remember my password because it's different than the passwords I use for everything else. I found a way a long time ago to get around it. I would change it and then go back in and change it right back and it was perfect... so I had the same password for YEARS!! They have now changed it so we can't use a password we have already used. The new password has to use at least one lower case, one upper case and one number. So... I do that, and even still it tell me it's not unique enough. What do you want from me? Why do they make it so difficult. It's not like anyone getting on my computer would get any useful information that is going to ruin the company. Whatever.

Lately I have been trying to get rid of stuff. It easy for me to just take a load to DI... but sometimes I wonder if I give away too much. What is worth selling and what I should just give away. Especially how much luck I have had selling stuff on ksl. Should I be doing more of that? Anyone have any guide lines on that?

I got a call from a girl that used to be in my ward a little while ago. We weren't supper good friends... but she remembered that I dated someone that left the church because I was so open about it. I wasn't ashamed of it. I didn't care. So I would tell people that asked. Anyway... she called me to ask me about it because she is in a similar situation. So I had her call me and I talked to her about it for a half hour. Let her tell me all of her thoughts and concerns and my advice. She isn't the first to confide in me on this topic either. I have had other come to talk to me about it. I'm glad that I am so open about my life... so that other people feel like they can relate to me and it makes me happy that people (even people that I don't know that well) feel like they can reach out to me for a listening ear and for advice. It made me happy to help in what little way I can. I guess sometimes that is why we have the experiences that we do... so that we can be a mentor and help others.

Well... that was my week.

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jamie hixon said...

I agree- some of our experiences and trials are so that we can help others, I have no doubt. Good for you for helping out.

My guidelines for selling vs. giving away are always based on if I could get a good amount of money for it. Nothing less than $20 is worth it to me... and sometimes not even then! Ha. Amy has sold a bunch of our stuff for us before and kept 10% of the profits for her help. Maybe you have a friend that is good at it and you can work something out. Or just donate and report it on your taxes for a tax break, that is almost like selling, but easier.

I've been trying so hard to lose weight for such a long time... I think I need to see an endocrinologist. My body is stuck. Good luck with the diet.