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Monday, September 7, 2015

Random Text

In church we get lectured a lot to put away our phones and not be distracted during church. I really have tried to do this. It's a bad habit. Every once in a while my phone will vibrate in my purse and I can't help but check to at least see who it is from. It's usually from Stacey.

One time he was asking me how Goblin Valley was and I told him how it was so hot and then he made a GIF out of my Instagram. A couple of them actually. I just copied it so it isn't the GIF and just a picture, but it made me laugh.

The other one made me laugh even harder. Why? Because he took a picture of us together, blacked everything out and then drew a sombrero and a mustache on me. Why? He just felt like drawing sombrero's on people. I guess I should feel honored that he thought of me to draw on? ha ha. Technology can be a distraction to life, but it can also be quite entertaining and bring a smile and a few good laughs. Just can't laugh out loud during church.

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jamie hixon said...

Ha! Trying to make you laugh during church? For shame. But really, that man should be a sombrero designer. I think he should change careers.