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Friday, September 4, 2015

Rooftop Concert - Take 2

Tonight I went with my new roommate, Leslie, to the last Rooftop Concert Series for this summer. I didn't go at all last summer and my first time going was the summer before that... back when it was actually on the roof. Last year it got too big and they blocked off Center Street and have the concert there. It is still free though, just don't have quite the same feel to it.

This concert was not only the last one for this summer, but it was a big one. It was KASKADE! Opening for Kaskade was The Brocks. I used to listen to them practice when I was going out with Dave because he was friends with them. They are great... I like them a lot, so I wanted to go for both.

It was a HUGE crowd. Filled up all the streets.... but it was a great free activity just around the corner from where I live. Can't beat that. I have to say... Provo has really stepped up it's game. There are plenty of cool and fun things to do here, not just in Salt Lake like many people say.

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jamie hixon said...

I have not heard of any of those bands... I feel like I'm watching a cartoon and the main girl is like "Oh my gosh, Kaskade! I love their music!" That is how fake that name sounds. ;)