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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cousin Hike to Cecret Lake - Take 2

So I don't get to see my cousins very often. I had just visited Trav in Indiana and then the next week he flew out to Utah to hang out with Dave and go to a wedding in St. George. So I got to hang out with Trav 2 weeks in a row! Lucky me! He was going to be here for a little over a week and while he was here he and Dave wanted to go on a hike. I'm always up for that. I'm also always up for leaving work early. So Tuesday we went on a cousin hike, just the 3 of us.

I actually meant to take them to Lake Catherine, because I hadn't done that hike yet and nor had they. I put it in my GPS and for some reason it took me to Cecret Lake. Although Dave and I had just done that hike a little over a month ago, we weren't mad about it. It was also a lot less crowded this time.

We saw moose last time we were there... and well, there was another one this time as well. This time it was a big bull moose. He was just laying down by the lake. Just doing his thing. I tried to get a good picture of him, but he was just too far away. I tried to get a little closer (as close as I thought safe) but he was too covered by bushes and such and still far away. Trav took this picture of me trying to get a closer look at the moose in the bushes.

I have been to this lake many times now, but I had never hiked above it, so I decided to do that this time while the cousins stayed down by the lake.

We left right after sunset and were back to the car before dark. Then we were down the mountain and went out to eat together and had the best nachos ever. It was great. I loved my cousin bonding time with Dave and Trav. They are so much fun. Love them.


jamie hixon said...

So fun. How nice that you got to hang out with them. And that lake is beautiful... your GPS must have wanted you to go back.

Lori said...

Looks like a blast! We have some great cousins!!