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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mr. Dramatic

Tinder is an interesting place that brings you interesting people. Well I had another interesting interaction with a guy I started talking to on Tinder.

We matched on Tinder a long time ago. I don't even remember when. We talked for a little while on Tinder and then we became Facebook friends and then I gave him my my number. We didn't talk for that long before he sent me something inappropriate and I told him that I wasn't that kind of girl and he said something jerky in return and we didn't talk again.

I had forgotten that we were still Facebook friends. Everyone once in a while I would see him post something churchy (because of what he had sent me I didn't think he was LDS) or post a picture of himself dressed up for church. I thought to myself... mmm... maybe he has cleaned up his act?

Starting in January he would randomly send me messages and say, hey, your cute, we should meet up. I would say ok, but it wouldn't ever happen.

More recently he started poking me on Facebook. Apparently people still do that. Not sure why it is still a feature. Every once in a while I would poke him back because I didn't know what else to do. The beginning of this week he sent me a message and asked how I was doing and said we should go out. I said ok. I'm always willing to give people a second chance if it seems like he cleaned up his act. But who knows. Anyway... he starts texting me again and asks me for a picture. So I send him one, even though we are Facebook friends and he could see all the pictures of me that he wanted. He then tells me how cute I am and that we need to meet. Then he tells me he wants a full body picture. It's late and I just want to go to bed. So I tell him I'm tired and going to bed and responds with "ugh".

Next day after work he texts me again... asking how I am and what I'm up to. I tell him I'm just getting off of work etc... text conversation then goes as follows.

Mr. Dramatic - "You still owe me a picture lol"

Me - "I already sent you a picture, so I don't owe you anything ha ha"

Mr. Dramatic - "Too much attitude"

*What? Didn't you see the ha ha at the end of my sentence. We are joking around with each other right? I'm confused so I don't respond right away*

Mr. Dramatic - " Not attractive. See ya"

Me - "Ha ha... wow...."
         "I'm sorry you don't understand the difference between humor and attitude. I don't need drama in my life. See ya!"

But seriously... what happened there? If that is how he interacts with people, I want nothing to do with him. It really made me laugh.


jamie hixon said...

That guy sounds unstable, for real. And rude.

quesoburger said...

What a dork! Yeah. He thinks you "owe" him a picture? Like, what did he do for you that you "owe" him a picture. Seriously. Nice comeback you gave him, though. Wow. I would think that he didn't stop texting me soon enough. Good riddance, huh?