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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 314

It started to get cold again, but I left for Florida... so perfect timing. Although...  I got a little cold in here in Florida today... mostly because of the wind. I think it is colder than normal, but it is still a lot warmer than in Utah, so I'm happy.

Yesterday I pretty much had the travel day from hell. It was just lightly raining when I left Utah... but apparently the weather was really bad in Houston. Thunder storms. So... the entire flight from Utah to Texas was REALLY bumpy. It gave me major anxiety (I already hate flying because I always picture the plane going down as soon as it gets a little bumpy) and I even got a little motion sickness... which I don't know if I have ever had that on a plane... maybe once. I feel like I need a recording of a soothing voice telling me why all of that is perfectly normal and why everything is going to be okay. Anyway, the storms were bad enough that they added an extra hour to that bumpy flight to fly around the storm so that they could even land in Houston. My layover was only supposed to be maybe an hour and I thought I would barely make it on my next flight because our flight was an extra hour... but then I thought, with the storms, my next flight was probably delayed which I was correct. It was delayed an hour which I was perfectly okay with because I needed to recover from the last flight. However... the entire airport was chaos because a lot of planes couldn't land in Houston because of the storms so they landed somewhere else to wait it out so it was holding everyone up. One hour turned into 2 hours with turned into 3 hours which turned into 6 hours!! I was waiting in Houston for my next flight for 6 HOURS!!! Our plane finally got there and they put us on the plane, but then we still didn't get cleared to leave because they had closed all routes from Houston to Florida. We sat on the plane for a solid half hour or so because they finally cleared us to go. Funny thing is... I was sitting next to this younger guy almost the entire 6 hours at the terminal waiting for our flight. We didn't really chat, he stayed to himself, but he asked me to watch his stuff once while he went to the bathroom. We ended up sitting right next to each other on the plane! I laughed but he didn't say anything about it. On the flight, he ended up falling asleep on my shoulder for a while and when he woke up he was super embarrassed and apologized for falling asleep on my shoulder. Ha ha... Normally I would care, but for some reason he didn't bother me and I told him it was fine. Anyway... our flight was another bumpy one at first. We had to fly around the storm again which added another 40 minutes to the flight but I finally got to Fort Lauderdale. It was a LONG day... and being on my diet with limited things I could eat at the airport. I was supposed to get to Florida at 4:30pm and I ended up getting there after 10pm. Yikes. What a day.

Speaking of the diet. I finished wee 2! I lost another 5 lbs so I am still doing well. I'm really happy about my progress so far. 12 in 2 weeks is great! I still have a long way to go, but I am really happy so far and I am going to stick with it. I am hoping I can stay on my diet while on vacation... that will be the test for me. Kirsten and I went grocery shopping last night though and I got what I needed and she is eating healthy with me, which is a huge help. So I think I will be good. I want to keep seeing that number drop on the scale.

I finished Jane the Virgin... or got caught up anyway. I went crazy renting redbox movies over the weekend because when I went to go to Everest, I realized there were lots that I hadn't seen and wanted to. So I rented Everest.. which was great and the entire movie I couldn't believe my friend Steve actually did that climb. I also rented The Good Dinosaur which was really cute and The Martian which I really liked. I also rented The Longest Ride which was cute. A LOT better than the last Nicholas Sparks movie that I saw and I rented Jem and the Holograms because that was my favorite show when I was little and even though I knew the movie was going to be bad... I just had to see what they did with my favorite chartoon. I will never see it again because it was that stupid, but hey, I knew what I was getting myself into. MacKenzie watched ALL of those movies with me because she is awesome and we love to watch movies and tv shows together. I'm ready to start another show though.

Speaking of shows... after getting my lashes done on Tuesday, I came home and Stacey came over and brought me a yummy salad and he watched The Bachelor with Mackenzie and I. It was the second to last episode, but he got so into it. That is what I love about Stacey... he won't make fun of anything, he joins in on the fun whether he thinks it is stupid or not. Not only does he watch but he gets into the drama of it all. He is seriously one of my favorite people. He says he wants to watch the final episode with us too.

Stacey and I have been texting since I have been in Florida too. Took a picture of my Flip Flops that I got in Brazil because I am finally getting to wear them. They are so comfy. Then he text me saying he just watched our Brazil video again and it made him miss our trip so much. I think that every time I watch it... which is kind of a lot. I love that video. We talked about doing another trip together... but he is so busy, who knows if that will actually happen. Anyway... I am happy to have him as one of my friends. He has become one of my closest friends.

Anyway... I think that is all I've got. Excited to be away for the weekend visiting Kirsten. It has been too long since we have gotten to hang out.


Lori said...

Fun that you went to Florida. Can't wait to hear all about it :) Love you.

jamie hixon said...

I love that you are tight with Stacey. You guys have similar personalities from what I can see... that is always fun. Sorry about your hellish travel day. That really sounds freaking terrible. I could have read an entire book while waiting for that plane.