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Friday, March 4, 2016

Novell is now Micro Focus

This week we had a launch party at work. Novell is now Micro Focus and they recently took down the big Novell letters on the building and replaced it with Micro Focus. We all got together to watch a couple of video's one of which was the process of the change on the building. After watching the videos we got some free swag and some free lunch. At lunch there was a drawing for some prizes. I didn't win this time.... maybe next time.

Everyone that worked for Novell... when it was still called Novell, got to sign the big N that was on the building. That N with everyone's signatures is going to hang in the lobby. A cool idea I thought. I took a closer picture of the side that I signed... I doubt you will be able to find it, but I know where it is.

The next day as I was checking out at the cafe, the lady at the cache register asked me if I was on the news last night. I looked confused and said said no... why would I be? Then I thought... oh for Micro Focus? I didn't really see camera's except for when I was signing the N, but I didn't realize it was rolling. I guess it was and I made it on the news. I haven't seen it... but cool.

Lots of changes at work.

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jamie hixon said...

That is cool. When they were going to tear down one of the theater buildings at UCSB they let us write on the walls. But then, they tore it down. I like the idea of keeping the N.