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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 317

It's still cold. It's colder this month than it was last month. I'm hoping starting next week it will start to warm up and I will want to spend some time outside. The last couple of weeks I have been locked up in my basement.

I won another Amazon gift card at work! I won the health challenge. For two weeks you had to get your full servings of fruits and vegetables and cut out sugar and drink a certain amount of water every day. Anyway... it was pretty easy to accomplish with the diet I was already doing, so I totally won which is great because I got a $25 Amazon gift card and I have already used it and bought a Ukulele! I found a nice one for $50 and so the gift card paid for half of it. Not too shabby. I have been wanting to learn to play for a little while and it's been on my list for a while, so I am excited to get it.

I blogged about the weekend, so you know Stacey and I went to the Holi Festival this weekend. Fun that it was his first time. One day I will need to go to India during Holi. That would be pretty awesome I would imagine.

I didn't weigh in this week. I didn't because I was so discouraged last week PLUS I had a cheat meal on Friday when Stacey and I ate at Spitz. So I didn't want to be disappointed again. I got right back on track with eating healthy though... so hopefully when I weigh in next Monday, I will see results. If I don't... I am going to have to change it up and try something different. I'm not giving up.

I haven't been doing a lot this week. There has been some amazing sunsets with all of the clouds... so at least there is that perk from all of the cloudy weather we have been getting.

I have basically just been in the basement watching TV everyday after work. So unlike me right? Work has been hard this week... so I have kind of hated people and locked myself away from everyone... which isn't good for me and just makes me depressed. I should know better than to do that. I have watched a lot of stuff. Ha ha. I have more and more shows that I have to keep up on every week now. New shows I have started... I tried to watch "Casual" but it was terrible so I dropped it. I started the new show "Little Big Shots" just talented kids showing off their skills. It's super cute. I think there are only 4 episodes so far. I watched the latest season of "Switched at Birth" sometimes I wonder why I still watch that... but it has it's really sweet moments. I watched all of "The People vs OJ Simpson". It is still going, but it has been interesting to watch because I remember when that was in the news all of the time, but I was too young to really care about it and never really ended up learning much about it in my adult years. Just last night I started "When Calls the Heart" and I am almost done with the first season. I know... that is a lot in one week. I'm out of control. I need warmer weather so that I can get out of the house.

I'm super excited that Stacey is doing dancing through Utah with me. I know it is going to be a long term project that is done over several months... but I think in the end it will be super awesome because we will have more time to put into it. I love dancing... and I love Utah and we picked a great song. Can't go wrong. Unless Stacey backs out because he is too busy. It's a possibility. But I don't think he would have committed if he were not excited about it and willing to make it happen. I will keep you updated on that.

Guess that is all. Let's hope this next week is better than this last one.


Lori said...

Maybe your next purchase should be a stationary bike to put in front of the TV... you can work out and catch up on all your shows at the same time! Win win :) Sweating always makes me feel better when I am worked up about things in life.

http://whitsblog.com/jurassic-carpark/ said...

I need to show my girlfriend your blog, she would love it. Right up her alley.By the way, I can relate to the "not doing much" I do love my t.v. nights. Or internet, either one. Cheers.

jamie hixon said...

When Calls the Heart- why do I like that show? Also, how do you watch the shows as they come out? I stopped watching Switched at Birth, it was starting to get too dramatic and not make sense in some ways.

We love our ukulele! You will rock at it, I just know it.