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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 316

It got cold again... boo!!!

I already blogged about my weekend adventures. That was the highlight of the week for sure.

Sunday was good. The weather was nice that day. The Provo City Temple Dedication was that day and it was really nice. Glad I went and sat by my friend Mike which was nice so I didn't have to sit a lone. After church my old roommate Penny is in town and came by to visit. Fun to chat with her. Then My friend Becky wanted to see how my hammocks were, so we went to the park and set them up and chatted. That was nice. I hope that there is a lot more of that this year. Then family dinner at my parents house which I always enjoy. My uncle Dale came too and I always enjoy when he is there.

Monday was back to the grind. This week has been unusually busy. I don't know why, because quarter end is next month. Makes me worry a little bit how crazy next month will be. I'm not allowed to take any time off the last two weeks of April. So... I'm guessing it is going to get real busy. Right now it only seems like I am. Everything that comes in is my area. Lucky me (sarcasm).

My week really has been pretty boring. I haven't done anything after work most days, just sitting at home ... alone these days because my roommates are mad at me for telling them to clean up after themselves because the house had gotten out of control with the disgusting mess. They cleaned it up, but now they are all mad at me and don't want to talk to me. COOL. Whatever... it's fine, that is why I have my own space downstairs. At least they are keeping the house pretty clean now. Now if only I could get them to pay their rent on time. You would think that older women would be a little more responsible.

I have stayed really good on my diet. Got on the scale on Monday and was so sad that I hadn't lost any weight in 2 weeks after working so hard to stick to my diet even when I am on vacation and road tripping. It's moments like that were you ask yourself why you are being so strict and trying so hard if it isn't doing anything. However, then I went to the gym and I got a pep talk. Kristi (the one in charge of the gym) told me that she can see a difference in my body and I probably lost inches instead of weight. That could be true, but it is still frustrating. I am trying to concentrate on that and not give up or lose motivation... so I have had another good week. I did weight training yesterday too that really kicked my butt and now I am sore from it. So that is good. I'm hoping the number on the scale this next Monday goes down though. It needs to in order for me to keep going strong. It just needs to.

I finished watched Naked and Afraid... well, at least the current season, I haven't wanted the previous seasons except for an episode here and there. Anyway... Stacey told me he really likes iZombie and that I should watch it. I was hesitant for a while because I am kind of over the whole zombie thing... but I decided to give it a go because Stacey and I typically have very similar taste on things. So I started watching it and I am all caught up with the current episodes now. I like it because it isn't heavy on the gross zombie stuff, it's more like "Warm Bodies" where it is a funny spin on how most people view zombies. It's a detective show. I really like it. I just got all caught up on the most recent episode today... so now I need to find another show to watch.

I also need to decide what paddle board to buy soon. I want it ready for as soon as it gets warm enough. I have an instagram friend that is going to let me test his out to see if i like it and if I do he will give me a discount on it. I'm super excited to get one though. I want to be doing a lot of that this summer. After work even. That will be awesome. Can't wait.

Sad to say, but that is pretty much all I have for you this week. Like I said, uneventful week. I just got done watching a bunch of different video's I have made since 2004. So fun to watch. They make me smile. I have made a lot of silly video's and done a lot of silly things in my life. I'm so glad that I document my life so well though, because I do like to look back at fun times and relive them. It's a lot of fun.

That's all for me this week. Until next time...


jamie hixon said...

That all sounds... nice. ;)

I have been told that I need to check out Warm Bodies and iZombie... maybe I should give them a go. I'm not much for zombies, but I do hear that those are different.

And I wish I didn't feel your pain on that diet, but OH MY GOSH I DO. I get so irritated when I try and try and sometimes I even GAIN weight after I work so hard. I worked out for an hour and a half today and ate almost nothing. I will probably have gained five pounds by tomorrow.

politicchic6 said...

You are looking great! It is VERY important to use the scale only as a sideline to gauge progress. Though it might be impractical to take your measurements every week, that is one of the best ways to judge actual progress, especially as fat converts to muscle it takes greater metabolism (ie burns more calories) to maintain and repair those muscles even though muscle will weigh more that just fat. So DON'T GET DISCOURAGED! Don't give up just because the scale has a number on it that you don't love. Measure your body (neck, upper arm, forearm, bust, true waist, hip/butt, upper thigh, knee, and calf on both your right and left sides). Take pictures of yourself monthly to compare. Keep on keeping on and you'll get there. Last June I was on track with Operation Pre Baby(ies) Body and I injured my IT band and was told to only do very specific exercises for four weeks, and no running. I was so annoyed and just kept being grumpy about all the progress I wasn't making. Eventually, life got in the way so when it was time to re start my workout SLOWLY, I just kept putting it off. Now, here I am almost a YEAR later starting again and wondering why I didn't just keep going. Why did I let the number on the scale (even though I know better) and an injury derail my master plan.

Tracy Mills said...

Michelle!!! You are so right!Thank you!I needed that pep talk.