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Friday, March 18, 2016

Utah Dining - Take 6

You may think you are about to get a list of restaurants... but really, I'm only going to talk about 1. Why? Because for being an hour away, I have eaten there more than a lot of other places that are minutes away from me.

The Main Street Grill

This restaurant is located in Price, Utah. You may be asking why I have been there 5 times since July. Well, it started on our way to Goblin Valley. We had started our road trip, but everyone was hungry for dinner. We said we would find a place to stop and eat on the way. We got to Price and looked up The Main Street Grill and thought that sounded like a great place to stop. It was! It was surprisingly delicious. So we decided that we would stop on our way back as well. We even asked for the same waitress, Mandy. We thought, Oh... Mandy will remember us and make a comment that we were back the next day. We were disappointed when she didn't react at all and we are pretty sure she didn't remember us. ha ha. Oh well, the food is still good.

The third time we went was on our way to Moab. We were excited to go eat there again. We didn't get Mandy this time, but we didn't care. The new people we took were not quite as impressed by it as we were, but I am convinced it is because they didn't order the right things. My food has always been great. there. We didn't stop on our way back.

My fourth time was tonight. Amber and I stopped there on our way to Monument Valley. Amber was hungry and wanted to stop... I told her I knew the perfect place and I hoped she would like it. She loved it. So we will be stopping on our way back from our weekend trip. Oh and guess what? We even got Mandy again as our waitress. ha ha. Small town, great food. I of course text the rest of my friends letting them know that I was there and they got a kick out of it.

If you are ever in Price and need a bite to eat... I suggest the Main Street Grill.

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jamie hixon said...

I would totally stop there if I were driving through Price. I don't imagine that will ever happen, but you never know.