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Monday, March 14, 2016

Double Chin

So I just had to share this story because I am still laughing over it.

I'm at work. I have walked by my co-worker's desk a several times and noticed that she has a mirror right under her computer monitors. I never asked why. I thought it was weird because I certainly wouldn't want to stare at myself all day while I worked, but that's just me.

I kind of forgot about it until today when another one of my co-workers was decorating her desk after she left for her birthday. I saw it again and was reminded and made a comment on how weird I thought it was that she placed her mirror there. I mean... I get having one in your purse in case you need to see if there is anything stuck in your teeth or what not, but I not have one on your desk so you can stare at yourself all day. This co-worker had apparently asked about it already.

You want to know the reason she said? Absolutely I replied.

Apparently, she placed it there to remind herself that she has a double chin. If she has a visual constant reminder of her double chin, THEN she will remember to do her chin exercises. Say what? Yes, CHIN EXERCISES.

When she told me that I started laughing SO hard. I couldn't decide if I should be the one to tell her that the only way to get rid of a double chin was to lose weight... or if I should let her keep believe that so that I could someday catch her doing her "chin exercises" whatever those entail. I heard one of them involves sticking out your tongue.

I'm going to just let that sink in and have you picture it. I don't know about you, but I laughed for a long time. If ANYONE ever makes a comment to me about them having a double chin... I will be asking them if they are doing their chin exercises. Or that they need to do them. It's just too funny.

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jamie hixon said...

Ok, look up face exercises on Pinterest. It is a legit thing that people do!