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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 315

Happy St. Patricks Day! We are so close to Spring. I'm thrilled about it. I am just planning all of my adventures for the Spring and Summer.

I haven't been doing much since getting back from Florida. Just trying to get things done. That is what you have to do after vacation, get all the things done that you would have done if you were not on vacation. Go grocery shopping, water my plants, take care of my cute little Beta Fish, clean, laundry.... all of that good stuff.

I got back on Monday and went straight to work, so I was pretty exhausted. My flight left Florida at 6am which meant I had to get there at 5am which meant I had to get up a little after 4am which is really 1am Utah time and I didn't go to bed until after midnight. So after being up since the early hours of the morning, traveling, then going straight to work and working until 5... I was pretty excited to go home and get some rest. It made me not want to do much the next couple of days as well... so really, I didn't. ha ha... well, besides go to work.

Speaking of work, today we had a party celebrating 2 birthday's and St. Patrick's day. This has been our first food party since I started back up on my diet. It is SOOOOO hard to stay away from all the food that is 2 cubicles down from me that I pass by every time I get up to do anything. I did really well the first half of the day and stayed away.... but after I got back from the gym and had lunch, those treats were calling my name hard core. So.... I broke down and cheated and had a cookie and a rice crispy treat. I felt great and terrible about it at the same time. I just hope that one cheat doesn't stop my weight loss, otherwise I will be made at myself. If I am going to keep this up for long term though... I mean... I have to live right? Let myself enjoy food every once in a while. I am going to try not to obsess over it, I just can't let myself get carried away. I didn't weigh in this week because all of the traveling never does well for my number on the scale, so I just figured I will wait until next week. Until then, I am back on track and made my confession to my cousin and I'm back to being good. I was really good in Florida. I didn't cheat at all. I was proud of myself because when you are on vacation, it is the hardest to stay on track because you are off of your normal schedule, at least that is how I feel.

While I was in Florida, Kirsten got me to watch  "Naked and Afraid". I was pretty interested after watching a couple of episodes, so when I got home, I decided to watch a season of it.... So I watched Naked and Afraid XL... where the entire season was about the same group of 12 surviving for 40 days instead of 2 people surviving for 21 days. Very Interesting. I got into it, but It didn't take me very long to finish it. Stacey came over on Tuesday night too and we watched the Bachelor Finale. Ben was by far my favorite Bachelor so far. We all have fun watching it together. Now I will probably catch up on other current shows and then I will need to find a new show to watch.

Sad news. My BFF Tech guy at work is no longer going to be my tech guy. He personally came to tell me the other day. I was super bummed because he helps me out so much... I mean, for like over the past year he has been helping me with my work computer and personal computer. The good news is, he got a new job within Micro Focus, so he will still be around. He told me I can still ask him questions online and if it is something he can tell me or quick fix by taking over my computer, he will still do it for me. What a great friend. I already miss him as my tech guy though. It's just not going to be the same.

I was contacted on Instagram by a restaurant in Salt Lake City. They told me they would give me a gift card to eat there for free if I would post about them on my Instagram account. You better believe I said absolutely. I will take free anything. I don't know why they contacted me since my account is all about nature and hikes and traveling... I NEVER post about food, but maybe I can make it appeal to my followers if I post the food outside somewhere. Anyway, I am excited to try it. It is Mediterranean Street Food. Yes please! Stacey is going to go with me. Should be fun. Instagram has brought me some pretty cool opportunities and free stuff. I hope it keeps going in that direction.

Today after work I watched the sunset at Utah Lake with my friend Amber. We decided we are going to go on a road trip tomorrow. I love that she is spontaneous. I would love to be that way more, but I feel like not very many of my friends are like that. We were chatting at the lake and she said, do you have plans this weekend? I said no. She said, want to go somewhere? I said, yeah, that would be fun. Where should we go? I said I have always wanted to go to Monument Valley, but nobody will go with me because they think it is too far of a drive. She says, ok, lets go. And that is that. we leave tomorrow after work. It will be awesome.

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jamie hixon said...

Free stuff from Instagram? Nice!! Sad about your tech guy, though.