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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mystic Hot Springs

As you may know, I LOVE discovering new places. I'm always trying to find new places to explore in Utah. Not too long ago I had heard of these hot springs, I didn't know anything about them, I had just seen these cool pictures of bath tubes and new I wanted to go. I didn't even know where they were.

Amber is awesome and always up for an adventure, so she said she would go with me. We found out the hot springs were in Monroe, Utah... so Saturday morning we packed up and headed to Monroe.  It is out in the middle of nowhere is a tiny town and when you get there you think how ghetto it looks.... but then you look around and change your mind and think how awesome it is. We had no idea that you had to pay to get in, nor did we know that you could stay there!! They had 3 little cabins and 2 buses you could stay in. That's right, you can stay in a bus! We already decided that we are going to go back and stay in a bus just because that would be rad.

The hot springs were amazing. Hardly anyone was there so we got to try out each of the hot spring tubes. We learned they clean the tubes every night so we were not grossed out anymore... plus they DON'T SMELL!! Biggest bonus right there. It was also the perfect temperature. It was so relaxing. We really loved it. We are for sure going to gather a few more people and go again.