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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Utah Dining - Take 7 - Spitz

This is another post that is only going to get one restaurant review. Why? Because they gave me a free meal... and it was that good.

This review is for Spitz. I had never heard of them before they contacted me on Instagram asking me if I would give them a review on my Instagram if they gave me a gift card for $25. I of course said yes. Why would I turn that down? I really have had some cool opportunities with Instagram since gaining more followers. It's been awesome.

Since Stacey is one of my favorite people and has hooked me up with his connections before, I decided to invite him. He was thrilled. So last night we drove up to Sugarhouse and tried it out.

Apparently it is a chain. I had no idea. There is one in Sugarhouse and one in downtown Salt Lake and there are other in other states. Now that I have tried it, I wish there was one closer to me. It is a total Hipster Joint... which I love.

Since we had $25 worth of food we could get, we ordered 3 things to share (yes, I had my first cheat meal since starting my diet... I deserve it right?) Did I tell you that it is Mediterranean Street food? I was excited because I pretty much love all food... Stacey had tried Mediterranean before and didn't love it, so I just let him order whatever for us to share. We got one wrap and Stacey knows I love sweet potato fries, so we got an order of those full of goodness and for dessert he ordered us cinnamon sugar pita sticks. ALL of it was SOOOOO good. I will stop there again for sure when I am in the area.... and not on my diet.

Thank you Spitz for contacting me and giving me free food!

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