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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 322

It has been a busy week and has flown by.

Over a month ago I bought a newer GoPro. I finally put my old GoPro on KSL and it was sold in a day. I have had pretty good luck selling my stuff on KSL. Not the facebook yard sales, I have had no success there so far... but KSL is golden. Glad to have a little extra cash.

Actually... all the cash I am collecting from selling stuff is going towards something. What you ask? A paddle board! On Tuesday I actually made an appointment with the paddle board shop by Utah Lake to go try out different boards to see which kind of board that I want. The guy at the shop that was helping me was awesome. Really helpful. Their boards are quality but still light weight and sturdy which is what I really wanted. Best of all, they sell them at whole sale. So they are as cheap as the ones as Costco... except for better quality (Maybe not, but I would imagine) and you can test it out before you buy it. ALSO... if you don't want to pay for it all at once, you can make payments on the board and then they will keep it in the shop (for you to ride whenever you want) until you pay it off and then you can take it home. It comes with the paddle board, paddle, foot leash and case for the paddle board. I paid for half of my board already... now I just need to go back in and choose which color I'm going to get and pay the other half and the board is mine. I am all kinds of excited. I need to buy straps first though before I can take it so that I can strap it to the racks on the top of my car. Thank you Utah Paddle Boards! Another cool thing they told me is that they are cleaning up Utah Lake (at least that part of it) and are putting in a sand beach and going to make it a cool hang out spot where you can not only paddle board, and such (you can also rent paddle boards, kayak's and wave runners) but where you can lay out and just relax. Right now... you can't really do that. I would love to have a place like that because I don't have a pool to lay out next to. Plus it is so close to where I live. Supposedly it's supposed to be done by the end of this month. We shall see.

This week I watched all of the second season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I didn't think it was as good as the first season. After that I just caught up on all of my other shows. Now I am trying to figure out what to watch next.

Work has been pretty slow, but that is normal after quarter end.

Monday I started my detox and personal training. I thought that doing both would be the worst... but so far my detox hasn't been bad. I haven't craved sugar and I have stuck to my veggies and protein and limited fruit and raw nuts and protein shakes after my work-outs. Hopefully I will see the results of this. It's been the personal training that has about killed me. My body hasn't hurt this much in a long time... and I feel like I have never been pushed this hard. To the point where I physically can't do anymore. Then starting another work out the next day when my body already hurts. I'm not going to lie... right now I hate it, but I hope that it gets better after this week. First week is the hardest right? So far I totally dread the hour that I have to go in. It is the LONGEST hour of my day. But seriously. I feel like I am paying someone a lot of money to torture me...and kill me.... slowly. I'm hoping for great results.

Wednesday I went with my parents to see my niece, Sierra, in the program called "Hope of America". It made for a long night, but I was glad I went. It was pretty cool. I will do a separate post on it soon.

Over the weekend... I guess I already posted about my weekend. I stayed late at work on Friday and then came home and watched a little tv and went to bed. Pretty boring... none of my roommates were even around. Saturday I went on a hike (which I posted about) then went out to lunch with my friends Kyle and John (enjoying all the food I can before starting my detox) and then last minute went to the Lantern Festival with my roommate MacKenzie. I'm so glad that worked out because that festival is magic. It really is. I never get tired of it. So it was a pretty great weekend. Sunday I hung out with my crew and brought them to Sunday dinner. We had a blast... up until Kyle tossed me out of the golf cart. I have some scrapes and a huge bruise on my hip... but whatever... at least they can't go that fast. I just didn't realize he was going to drive the golf cart like it was a 4 wheeler. Still a good weekend. I'm glad that I have these new friends. I think we will be doing a lot together this summer. In fact... Kyle is buying a paddle board as well, so we can go lots together.

Tonight I got my hair done. Nicole never fails me. I love my hair, as usual. After I met up with my crew at the food truck round up for a little bit... obviously I could eat anything, I just went to hang out with my friends. We also stopped in the Beehive Bazaar which my friend Kristen had some paintings in there. Ran into some other friends I knew. It was a happening spot tonight. After that... I went to hang out at my parents house because my sister Jamie is in town! That will be my only chance to see her, so it was fun to get some sister hang out time... Kristy was over there too. It was nice chatting for a few hours. Too bad I can't see more of her, but her and her family are coming back next month so... I guess I will see her then.

I guess that is it for the week. I'm pretty exhausted, but I have been sleeping great because of it. So I guess there is that.


Lori said...

That's exciting that you are getting a paddleboard :) how fun that they will make a place at Utah lake for hanging out and outdoor fun!
Personal trainers are supposed to make you hurt ;) but it should be a good sore.... and it takes a while for it to get easier... but, great job! You can do it!

jamie hixon said...

It was great to talk with you for a few hours- wish we got to hang out more. If I lived near you I would be your hiking buddy for sure (WITHOUT MY KIDS). Ha.