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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hope of America

On Wednesday my sweet niece, Sierra, along with hundreds of other 5th graders were in the 20th anniversary of Hope of America which is the beginning of the Freedom Festival (2 months early). I missed it when Reanne was in it, so Kristy made sure to remind me when Sierra was going to be in it. It was cute to watch the 5th graders. So great that they are learning the fundamentals about our country.

Before the show started, they had entertainment while we waited. We got there an hour early and lots of people were still getting there and finding their seats. So it was nice to have entertainment while we waited. The Golden Girls made me laugh because my dad was telling his sister (My Aunt Brenda) that she should join back when my grandma was still here. I had never heard of them before that, so it was funny to see them live.

My favorite though were the green drummers. They were great.

We actually ended up with pretty great seats. We were 5 rows up from the front. We also happened to be sitting in front of the girls that were signing the entire show. I watched a lot in hopes that I would pick up a few things.

After the beginning performers, it was all about the kids. They showed video while they sang about the Military, The declaration of Independence and about voting and of course how great America is. The kids did such a great job. It was awesome.The last song was my favorite... so I video taped.


Lori said...

How awesome! Thanks for video taping so I could see part of it too :)

jamie hixon said...

I'm glad I could see some of it through your blog- thanks! I got there a day too late to see it in person.

I love when they go slowly up and then slowly down with their lights- it reminds me of fireworks.