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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Fun Day

These are my new Besties that I made on the way to the Sun Tunnels... minus Corey. We started a summer adventure club, so we plan on spending lots of time together this summer. I'm pretty excited about it.

I haven't known any of these people for very long, but I seriously love them. I'm so glad that trip to the Sun Tunnels happened for this reason a lone.

Today Kyle called me wanting me to come hang out... so I went over and we went over to Utah Lake (In Lindon) so Kyle could take some pictures and it was a nice day and we all just wanted to hang out outside. So we did just that. Also John gave me my first sign language lesson. I have been doing a little on my own as well... but it's better with someone who actually knows. I hope by the end of the summer... that I can be pretty fluent. That is if we all spend as much time together as we say we are going to. Which I hope we do. Later Kyle, John and Corey all came over for family dinner at my house. People that want to come have dinner with my family... I like them. Kyle even had my mom play piano so that he and Corey could sing. We also of course had some fun on the golf cart. It was a good day. I LOVE the warm weather and being outside! It makes me happy.

Now we just need a group shot with Corey in it. Then our club picture will be complete.


jamie hixon said...

You guys look like models, especially in that last pic- it could be in a magazine for sure. Glad you have fun friends! We are going to work on our sign language as well just in case Ezra never learns to talk well.

Lori said...

Fun that you brought friends for Sunday dinner! Wish I could make it to Sunday dinner more often.