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Friday, May 27, 2016

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our first day in Puerto Rico, Lexi and I decided to explore Old San Juan and plan the rest of our week. We fell in love with Old San Juan. What a CHARMING city! So many fun colors, a couple cool forts and right on the ocean! I will talk about the Forts in a separate post, for now, I will give you a quick look into the city.

Old San Juan is kind of known for it's cute doors. I can see why. We loved looking at all of them. They even make posters of them.

As we were taking pictures in front of the Puerto Rican Flag door... a film crew followed us to the same spot. Who were they filming? They were making a documentary of some famous flamenco artist from Spain. I didn't know who he was, but I guess I am not big into the Flamenco scene. Pretty cool none the less. I wish I could remember his name... but I did get his picture.

It was a great start to our trip!


jamie hixon said...

"I guess I'm not big into the Flamenco scene." HA!

Um, did you know that I am obsessed with cool looking doors? I would love this city! Time to visit Puerto Rico. (And I cannot think the name "Puerto Rico" without then singing "My heart's devotion, let it sink back into the ocean.")

Tracy Mills said...

Jamie! I couldn't think about it without singing that song either! I kept singing it while I was there and Lexi have no idea what I was singing. Ha ha.