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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 324

Another week just flew by. Seriously... I don't know where May has gone. I don't feel like I have done much which makes me sad. I'm just too tired all of the time.

Let me try and think of what I did this week. I got a pedicure which was nice and much needed.

I hung out with Kyle on Friday. We went to go get something to eat and then took it to Rock Canyon Park and I set up my hammock and Kyle sat on a blanket and we ate and chatted and watched the sunset.

Saturday I was supposed to get in a half hour of cardio but wasn't feeling great so it didn't happen. I did go up Provo Canyon to hammock with Amber and that was pretty great. If I'm going to just be laying around, it might as well be in a hammock somewhere beautiful. And right now... the canyon is SO green and beautiful. I need to go up there regularly. The rest of the afternoon and evening was at the lake. It was a very relaxing day... spent outside... can't complain about that.

Sunday was the usual church and family day. Always nice.

We have had some killer sunsets and killer lightening storms. Love it. Nature is great.

I finally started working on my book from my trip to the Philippines and Bali. I know... a year later. I thought I should at least get one done (still need to do Brazil) before I go on my next trip next week. Anyway... I got about half way through the book and was really happy about the progress. Then the other night I was trying to add new pages and it wouldn't let me and then when I logged out and back in thinking it was saving my project all along as I went, I saw that NOTHING was saved and those hours of work on the book were wasted. UGH!!! SO frustrating. It already took me a while to get it started, to start all over again is very discouraging. Seriously. Thankfully I worked on it long enough I can mostly remember what I did, so hopefully I can remember everything and can get back to where I was quickly. I'm still frustrated, but I have started over and got a chunk done tonight and I know FOR SURE that it saved this time. Hopefully I can get it done before I leave on Wednesday... that means I need to work on it a lot this weekend. We shall see.

This morning I helped with "Bring your kids to work day" which took up half my day and I got to be outside. It was a nice break from my normal work day. Just helped the kids with games and getting them where they need to go and this and that. It was nice.

This week I watched the entire 13th season of Project Runway. I hadn't seen that show in a long time, so when I saw how many season that were available on Hulu...I got pretty excited and just started with the most recent season. Watched it all and it was great. Love that show... always makes me wish I had the talent of sewing and designing like that. Amazing talent. Other than that... just watched my other shows which pretty soon will all be ending. It's that time of year.

Other than that... per usual the rest of my time outside of work has gone to my personal trainer. I have only lost 3 more lbs this week (I was hoping for more like the first week) but at least it is going down... and I think that I have lost inches, I will have my trainer measure me again after my work out tomorrow. It's not as miserable as the first week, but it is still hard. I'm still tired, especially on the days that I get in two works outs. My meal plan changed a little this week which was nice... and I'm staying strict to the plan. That is the only way you get results right? Hopefully I can keep things under control while I am on vacation. I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about it a little bit. I will have a heart to heart about that with my trainer as well. Anyway... it's hard and exhausting but I'm still doing it. I can do this. Only 9 more weeks to go! ha ha.

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jamie hixon said...

So you've lost 10 pounds over all? That's awesome! I'm jealous.

I haven't watched Project Runway in a long time- but I used to love that show. I have some sewing skills, but I don't think I would be able to come up with things as quickly as they do. It would stress me out SO bad to be on that show.

Sorry you lost all your hard work on the computer. That sucks.