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Sunday, May 29, 2016

La Cueva del Indio

We rented a car and went out to explore the island. The Indian Cave was suggested to us, apparently another spot part of Pirates was filmed. Who knew. I DO know, that it is a beautiful spot. Because we went later in the afternoon/evening... we were lucky enough to have the place to ourselves. We LOVED that. We met this guy Wade at our hostel and he came with us.

We first started off by checking out the tide pools. Found a few things.

Then we climbed up the rocks to the main attraction. We got to the top and thought... WOW!!! This is amazing! And it was and we didn't even realize that we were still not even seeing the main attraction. We loved sitting on the cliff and exploring the cave. This was my first cave next to the ocean. It was pretty rad.

After hanging out there for most of the time we climbed over to the other side of the rock and found the famous site. It was gorgeous. Then the sun was setting and it was magical and we were so glad we were there to see the sunset and that we were the only ones in site... it makes things a little bit more magical when you are a lone with nature.


Lori said...

You are so brave getting on the edge of the rocks! Your bravery makes for some awesome pictures!! :)

jamie hixon said...

Wow, that is so cool that you were all alone there. That made a big difference I'm sure. It is gorgeous! (Wish you got some pics of Wade though.)