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Monday, May 2, 2016

Slate Canyon Trail

My friend, Kristen, asked me if I wanted to do a little hike on Saturday morning. The answer to that question is pretty much always yes. She wanted to do something close and not too hard since she has bad knees... so I suggested we just hike on Slate Canyon Trail right up the road from where we live.

I forget how awesome that trail is. It's not too hard... it is just a path that goes along the mountain and has an awesome view of the valley. Funny story... as we were hiking along, I heard something behind us all of the sudden and then before I could even look back this guy paraglided RIGHT over our heads and then landed right in front of us. It scared me so bad because I had no idea there were people paragliding. We looked behind and there were 3 more people coming in to land. We watched each one of them land right by us and moved out of the way for each one. Pretty cool. Wish I were brave enough to do that... but I am terrified of heights. Maybe if it were tandem, which these guys were not.

Anyway, it was a beautiful time to do this trail. The snow capped mountains are beautiful... everything is starting to turn green and lots of wild flowers are popping up.

Kristen is a cool girl, so it was fun to spend some time chatting and admiring natures beauty on a beautiful Saturday morning.

I will have to remember to take this trail more often. I mean... it is walking distance from my house... Lucky me!


jamie hixon said...

Those pictures are rad- and the ones of you guys are adorable. If someone had paraglided over me I would have totally screamed. And man, your hike looks MUCH prettier than the one by my house.

Lori said...

How awesome that you have a trail right by your house! You should totally take that trail more often!! Good job.