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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 325

First of all.... I'm in Puerto Rico. So life is good. It's really hot and humid (not as bad as Brazil) but so far (we just got here yesterday) it's great here and Lexi and I are having a great time.

Now... before I got to Puerto Rico, let's report on that.

Last week I told you I lost 10 pounds total in 3 weeks... and only 3 since the first week. I was hoping that I lost inches since I didn't lose as many pounds, so I asked my trainer to measure me again. So he did.... and... I did! I lost a half inch around my arms, an inch around my waist and 2 inches around my hips! So that made me feel better about not losing as many lbs. My trainer said I have made awesome progress for 3 weeks... so I am really happy about that. He also sent me a work out to do while on vacation and Lexi and I did work out this morning even though it is SO hot and humid. You are already sweating just walking around... let alone working out. It's pretty nasty, we will see if we keep that up, I'm guessing we won't as the week goes on and we get busier with things to do. I know that I won't be perfect with food either... I'm on vacation, it wouldn't be as fun if I were staying on my diet, but I am going to try an make good choices and have salads where I can. I'm never hungry... so my metabolism must be working right. I think? ha ha.

The weekend... Friday Kyle and John came over to hang out at my house.... we just talked and watched tv. I always enjoy hanging out with them, they have become good friends.

Saturday was raining, but Darrell's brother that lives in Idaho asked me like a month ago to take his engagement pictures, so we just waited for the rain to stop enough and went to the park to take the pictures. I made Darrell come with me to help make his brother laugh because like Darrell, he struggles to take pictures. I remember taking his senior pictures and it was a struggle.... but the shoot went pretty smoothly. So that was nice.

After that I went for a run. I hate running, but I got to get in my half hour (or so) of cardio in on Saturday. I'm sticking to the trainer's plan. It wasn't too bad, I was able to run longer/ further than the last time I ran, so it's nice to see progress.

While I was out for my run, my old co-worker (and good friend) Lauren called be because she just happened to be in Provo eating lunch without her kids, so she wondered if I was free and wanted to join her. By the time I got there she was done and I wasn't going to eat with her anyway... but I wanted to meet up with her and catch up anyway. So we chatted for like a half hour or 45 minutes before she had to go. It was really fun to see her. I miss having her at work SOOOO much. I miss having her to talk to, vent about co-workers to and having as my gym buddy and we just liked a lot of the same things, so it was fun to bounce ideas off of each other. Anyway... Lauren is so great and it was so fun to see her and catch up. So glad she called me.

Besides that, I just went home showered and then went to the mall to get my nails done and shop for a a couple of last minute things for my trip. Then MacKenzie and I went to the movies together... which neither one of us do very often anymore. I don't have much time left to hang out with MacKenzie until I leave and then when I get back she moves out, so I thought it would be fun to hang out. So we went to see the new Jungle Book that we both had been hearing was so good. It totally was. I usually don't really like movies with talking animals unless it is animated... but this movie was fantastic. It was beautifully done and the little boy that played Mowgli did an AMAZING job... and it was his first film. I was very impressed with it. We both really liked it.

Sunday was my normal day... church and family. Always a good day. Oh! I also hammocked at the park with my friend John. I hadn't seen him since last Summer. He is cousin's with my friend Daniel and Becca. Super cool guy. He has never traveled before, but he told me he would go with me to the middle east this fall. I hope he is for real, because I am dying to go. We had a great time catching up.

Monday I worked out with my personal trainer in the afternoon so that I could have my evening free. I hiked to Buffalo Peak with Kyle and John and their friend Heather. I already blogged about it, but I love that hike, I am sure I will go again this summer. It's so pretty there and it's so close. We stayed up there until the sunset and I am so glad we did. It was pretty. I can't get enough of sunsets. I just love them.

Tuesday was a little bit of a stressful day (as stressed as I get, which is not very stressed) because I left Tuesday night for the airport for Puerto Rico. I of course went to work all day, met with Josh (my personal trainer) in the afternoon so I could have the evening free to pack and get ready to go. I of course waited until the last minute to pack as I usually do. I had started setting some things out to take but that is it. Of course my visiting teacher wanted to come over and it is a little awkward because I feel like we run out of things to talk about and I just try and fill the time with talking about nothing with some gaps of silence in hopes that she will take the hint to leave so that I could continue packing. I normally wouldn't care too much, but I know how many hours I had to shower and pack and dive to Lexi's house. I did make it in time though. I was a little late to Lexi's house, but we got to the airport on time for our red eye flight. It is a lot harder for me to sleep on domestic flights than it is for me to sleep on international flights... but I got a little bit of sleep on the first flight to Charlotte and a little more sleep on the flight from Charlotte to San Juan.

Besides that... all of my shows are ending because it is that time of year.. but some new shows are starting that I am watching... like.... America's Got Talent. I never really watched it before, but Simon is judging now and so is Heidi (from Project Runway) so I have decided I am going to watch. I am also watching So you Think You Can Dance the Next Generation which is fun. It is amazing how many talented kids are out there. Also Bachelorette just started, so I am watching that... and when I am not keeping up on those shows, I have started watching the OC (because I never watched it when it was on) and I am half way through the first season. I love me a good drama show. Ha ha. This one should keep me busy for a little while.

But for the next week... no tv, no computers, less cell phone time.... because I am on vacation. :) I am excited because it is much needed. I guess I feel like I always need it. I just love to travel. So this week is going to be a blast. Until next week!


Lori said...

Ok, super random! I was just looking at Puerto Rico for our family to take a vacation in September not knowing you were going there. Cause, you don't need a passport for there right?!? You will have to fill me in! :)

jamie hixon said...

We haven't been watching TV at all because the shows are ending. It's a nice change.

And I always feel like a need a vacation, but for me I would be good just going to some hotel for a couple nights and being all alone, getting massages and eating food made by someone else. That would be heaven.

I hardly ate anything last week (600-1500 calories a day) and I lost like 4 pounds. I'm going to keep doing that, even though I'm hungry almost every second of my life and it sucks. It seems like the only thing that will work at all for me. I even tried to do 40 minutes of cardio one day last week and it made me gain 3 pounds the next day. My body is so whack.

I always wish I was with you on your trips. Have so much fun!

Oh also, PS: You need to travel with a male in the middle east and tell everyone he is your husband, because otherwise you will be ignored or treated like garbage. Like, they won't give you a room, even if you already booked it, if you are a lone woman traveling. I vote you just don't go to the middle east.