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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Paddle Boarding Utah Lake

Since I went to test out and buy a paddle board a Utah Lake... I feel like I have become BFF with one of the guys that helps run the shop, Trevor. My friend Kyle has too. Kyle went with me to test out boards and ended up buying one as well. So now we go hang out with Trevor at the Lake. We have exchanged numbers, we text. I'm also helping give ideas of how to make that part of Utah Lake a hang out spot... they have already put down sand... more improvements are coming. Trevor is also improving the website and I told him I would take pictures of all the boards so that he can put it on the website.

The day ended with all of us sitting on the new "beach" and watching the sunset.

I really do love making new friends and connections. When I came back on Saturday... one of the girls that works there introduced herself to me and when I told her my name she said... Oh yeah, they told me about you. Ha ha... I hope that is a good thing. What a cool/fun group.

Here's to a summer full of paddle boarding here at Utah Lake and whenever else the crap I want. :)


Lori said...

Super fun that you got a paddle board! I want one! Not that I would have tons of time to take it out.... but it would be a fun summer activity option at the beach.

jamie hixon said...

Sweet! That looks like good exercise too.