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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 11

"I could write a blog. I have thoughts."
"You're not a writer unless someone publishes you."
"See, that's what's so great about blogs. You don't have
to be published.You can just go online, press enter and
there it is, out there."
- from the movie Julie & Julia
Here are some random thoughts that I have had in the last week....

#1-I know that we had a pretty mild winter this year.... but now that it is almost May, it would be really great if it could warm up and stay warm. I'm done with the teasers.

#2-This weekend, my ward did two service projects. The first one, we got together with the kids that our ward tutors and we made cards. There were way more adults then there were kids... but the kids that did come had fun. I was helping 3 kids write messages inside the cards and helping them decorate and I had a blast. I also made a couple of cards. All together everyone made 75 cards. For a service activity... it was a pretty good turn out from our ward.

On Sunday, we got back together for the second part of the service activity. We took all the cards that were made to "Medallion Manner" which is a home for Mentally challenged patients of all ages. They were SO excited to get the cards. We even had some that were personally addressed to the patents there. It totally made their day. I was sad that this activity, the turn out from our ward was not so good. There were only a handful of people that went, but I am happy that my roommates and I went. They were so happy that we came, they just wanted to shake our hands and talk to us. One of the guys even started flirting with me. Told me I was cute and would wink at me and wouldn't let go of my hand when he would shake it. It was very funny. But my favorite part of our time there was when one of the patients played "Sweet Caroline" on his tape player and everyone in the room sang a long and Ashlee and I started dancing and some of the patients joined us. Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was awesome.

Doing service just makes me happy. Helping people, giving of yourself and your time. Seeing people in these hard circumstances makes me realize how blessed I am and that I should give more. Both service projects were great experiences.

#3- I love my job environment. It is not just because I have my own office, but I love my co-workers. I have worked at a handful of different jobs and this is the first where there is NO DRAMA! It is SO nice. I even expressed to my some of my co-workers how nice it has been and how much I appreciate them. I don't think it is just the fact that everyone is older than me by almost 10 years (some more some a little less) but it is the kind of people that they are. Everyone makes a special effort to be nice and friendly and not talk behind each others backs, to stick up for each other. I used to just think it was age that made someone mature.... but its really not. I wish I could say all of the departments at Novell are like my department (Contracts) but I don't see it in all other departments. I must say it is refreshing and it makes work enjoyable. I never dread going to work, I enjoy my co-workers company. It's nice.

#4- I had a record breaking visiting teaching appointment on Tuesday. My visiting teacher and I visited for 4 hours. It was awesome. If you want to count the hour that we went tutoring together... that makes 5. My visiting teacher has become a very good friend, and for that... I think visiting teaching is great. I may not have gotten to know her as well otherwise.

#5- Speaking of tutoring.... story for this week happened during play time. Seeing kids cheat during the games they are playing is normal. What was not so normal to see were 3 little girls drawing pictures on the white board. Rob from the ward drew a Pirate Ship, so he left and the girls continued to draw haunted trees, skeletons, and many other creepy things. When they were done they wrote on the board "Please don't erase Haunted Dead Island Hell". Um What? What happened to little girls wanting to draw princesses and Fairytale things? Again, should I be worried?

#6- I'm not a big TV watcher. I don't like being addicted to shows to the point where I plan my life around them, plus that... I just don't think there are a lot of great shows on TV anyway. I used to be huge into American Idol, but I have even stopped watching that. When I don't have anything to do and want to relax in front of the TV, I usually watch the Food Network or HGTV, "What Not to Wear" or "Project Runway". I must admit though that I am one of the many that have been sucked into "Glee". I love all of the characters, I think it is very cleaver.... and lets be honest, I love musicals and I have been waiting a long time for there to be a musical TV show. I love the variety of songs they choose. New, Old, Broadway, etc... this week Rob and I watched "The Wiz" because he had never seen it. On Glee this week, the closing number was "Home" from the Wiz. How awesome is that? Anyway... the show has its unnecessary moments, but it mostly has good moral lessons and is a feel good show that a lot of the times gets me emotional because its so sweet AND its funny. Plus, I don't have to watch it on TV in order to watch it. They have all the episodes on Hulu (online) for free so I can watch anytime. Anywho... I heart Glee. The end.


Dallas and Kirsten said...

I totally heart Glee too! I just bought volume one on dvd so I could rewatch my favorite episodes...it turned out all of them were my favorites!

rachel v. said...

service is so great, it is a natural high! And I love Glee too.. who doesn't like musicals??

Karen Ella said...

I. am. Gleek.