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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 7

These last two weeks have been WICKED busy! Most of the nights I have not gone to bed until 2 am. What the heck! I need more sleep than that to function at work. Thank goodness tomorrow if Friday. Naturally, being this busy, I have many thoughts this week....

#1- Isn't it interesting that what is socially acceptable is different for men and women? Example: Last night at Institute a random girl that I didn't know came up to me and said "Hi, you don't know me... my name is so and so, I just wanted to tell you that I love your outfit! That dress is SO cute!" I say thank you and she walks away. I had been talking to my friend Matt and he said how weird that a total stranger would do that and guys could never do that, and if they did... it would be weird. So I explained to him that it is acceptable depending on how he did it. If a guy is complimenting another guy, they usually pick out one thing, like their shirt and then the conversation goes like so.. "Dude, I like that shirt. Where did you get it?". If he would have said "I like your outfit", he would have gotten a funny look. I have noticed even when guys compliment me... they either pick out one thing that they like that I am wearing or they tell me I look very nice. So we decided to have a little social experiment right then. Tom comes over and Matt says "Dude, I like your shirt. Where did you get it". Tom says "Thanks Man" and tells him where he got it. We then tell him what we were doing. Tom's friend comes over. "Hey man, I like your outfit" then Tom's friend doesn't say anything and gives him a weird look. Christina comes over and Tom says "Hi Christina, I like your outfit". Christina gives a weird look and says "Umm... thanks?". Was I right or what I right?

#2- The Single Ladies Dance is harder than it looks ( I know because I am trying to learn it). My friends and I decided that Beyonce must have insurrance on her hips.

#3- I started getting all of these random people from facebook looking at my blog from all over the US. I wondered where all of these people were coming from and why they were showing an interest in my blog (not that I mind, I welcome all & their comments to my blog). Then I saw that Shanty2Chic gave me a shout out on thier facebook and linked my blog because I wrote them and told them I made the mirror from their site! Woohoo! I'm famous! Not really... but they do have thousands of followers. So I thought that was cool. Maybe one day my blog will be cool enough to be famous.

#4- Don't judge me, but a couple of days ago a tried a spoon full of coffee. My co-worker gets coffee just about everyday. I went with her the other day to get some hot chocolate. As she was mixing up her cup of coffee, I just randomly decided I wanted to try it. I don't really love the smell of it, and I guess I just wanted to know what it tasted like. It was not that great. Now I know. It is like putting a coin in the slot machine... you do it once... mostly for a laugh. Hope you all don't think I am a horrible person now. ha ha.

#5- To maybe make up for my last comment... the visiting teaching message this month is on scripture study. When I was in Seminary... I was really good with my scripture study... since then I go through phases, but I always feel like that is something I need to do better. The solution I thought of this week... I am bringing my scriptures to work! I will read them on my break. Then I will read an Ensign article before I go to bed. Perfect solution to get a good amount of scripture reading in since morning doesn't work for me and I have been so busy that before bed isn't really working for me either.

#6- I did it! I blogged every day for the month of March! I was unsure if I would be able to think of enough to blog about, but I was pretty busy... so it wasn't too hard. Not sure if I will keep it up. It was mostly just an experiement for myself. We shall see. My most posts in a month before this last month was 22. So I beat my record by 9 posts! Yowzers!

#7- Happy April Fools Day. I was amused by how many of my friends suddenly got engaged last night. More amused how many people believed it. If they were good friends with these people, they would know that they were not dating anyone last week. But... it is Provo, so I guess it does happen. I was also amused that Google became "Topeka". Ha!


jamie hixon said...

Well thanks for the link to "single ladies" because I had never seen it. Pretty dope. I like the lighting. And that does look like a hard dance to me, especially if you don't have a white wall to jump off of.
We dance to that song all the time in Zumba.

Cheryl said...

I really liked this post.
#1 Yes. I agree that there are odd gender rules when in comes to social 'norms'
#2 You got me trying it now. (How DOES one insure just A body part?)
#3 That is awesome. The mirror and the random people!
#4 I don't judge you. Ryan loves the smell of coffee. I don't.
#5 Good Job. Finding/Making time to focus on the scriptures can be really hard.

Lynette Mills said...

I like these information posts.

THE LIZARD'S said...

haaaaaa.. that is so funny! and so true that a girl can be like.. I love your outfit or hat or whatever in a complete randome place and you not even know her. That happened to me one night on mine and brian's valentine's day date. I kept getting stopped for some reason for my coat or headband or bag or something. I was like.. woa.. i should really go out more often! ha.ha. but, guys saying they like one thing about you is so interesting. I never noticed the way they compliment. I will have to do my own noticing and get back to you. Reporting live in las vegas. Back to you TRACY!