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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lunch Dates

I love my friends. I love making new friends and I love keeping in touch with old friends... even when they get married or move out of my direct social circle. A great way that I have discovered to do this is lunch dates. My job is really flexible and easy going about my time off and lunch hours... so I am able to go anywhere in town and spend as much time chatting as I want with no worries about time. I have found this to not only be a great break from work and opportunity to eat yummy food, but it is also a great time to chat one on one (sometimes more) and really see how my friends are doing... you know, instead of trying to facebook or blog stalk them. I still like that too... but I like having personal contact even more. I wish that I had gotten a picture with Liisa when we went out to eat at the Indian place on Center.... but besides that lunch date (which we will need to do a repeat of) here are some pictures from my recent lunch dates.

Sara and I love to eat at the Trolley in Springville (its between both of our jobs). Sara and I met in the BYU 198th Ward and became instant friends and did SO many fun things together. We were the party planners of the ward. We had a blast and I love getting together with her and catching up.

These are some fun ladies! I was just going to get together with Holly (who was on the activities committee with me in my current ward and who recently just got married) but then we though we might as well make it a party! So Nicole came along (who I also met in that ward... but actually met through my good friend Veda in Santa Barbara but we didn't really remember) and Aileen came (I met her through Nicole) and Jayna (I met her through Aileen). All these girls are SO funny and I love getting together with them. I hope we do this again soon. And maybe next time I will show up at the correct Bajio's.

Then there are my good friends Desiree and Andrea, who I have blogged about before. I also met them in my current ward (but years ago) because Desiree got married and Andrea moved back to California. Andrea was in town, so we got together for lunch at my house! It was so fun! Love these girls.

So as you can see... I love my lunch dates! So please let me know if you want to schedule one with me. I look forward to them. :o)


Abby Wright said...

Cute post! We should do lunch some time:)

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Sounds like fun. I'm glad you've got such a good group of friends there!

Desiree said...

Yeah for lunch dates! I always love our lunch dates. We'll need to have some more soon and hopefully in the PARK! :)

politicchic6 said...

I am also up for lunch dates most of the time, but I like to do them on Fridays because then I can be all sorts of flexable.