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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pirate Island

On Thursday night, as part of Lorelie's week birthday celebration we went to Pirate Island. This was my first time to Pirate Island. I was always curious about it. All I knew it that it took the place of the old dollar theater. Naturally you want to dress up as a Pirate to go to Pirate Island, so that is exactly what Lorelie and I did. I guess not many people do... because we got a lot of strange looks from people and the only other people that were dressed up as Pirates were the people that worked there. Anyway... turns out it is a restaurant. I think most people get pizza there, but they serve other things too. They also have an arcade and a gift shop and the whole place is decked out. They kinda modeled the inside to look like Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland (Disneyland is obviously a lot cooler, but they tired). The whole purpose of us going on Thursday night is because every Thursday they have karaoke! I was excited because I love karaoke. Sadly, none of us ever got to go because SO many people were singed up and he let the same people go over and over again and some of the people in our group waited for an hour and were never called. Sadness. I just had to save all my karaoke singing for Lorelie's birthday party on Saturday night. We still had fun though, and now I have been to Pirate Island and know what it's all about.

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