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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 9

Who Am I?

I Am…

A Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
A Daughter
A Granddaughter
A Sister
A Niece
A Cousin
An Aunt (to the cutest kids ever)
A Friend
A Roommate
A Novell Contract Specialist
A Massage Therapist
A Graduate
A Californian
A Utah Resident
A Co-Worker
A Tutor
A Traveler
A Photographer
A Singer
A Dancer (mostly tap)
A Crafter
A Cook
A Writer
A Pianist (okay, so I mostly play by ear… but at least I can kind of play)
A Camper
A Blogger
Obsessed with Musicals
A Chocoholic
Sensitive (too much sometimes)
A Neat Freak
A Seasonal Disneyland Cast Member
An HCG Success Story
An Animal Lover
Not a Morning Person
A Cake Decorator
A Fashion Consultant
An Interior Decorator
A Karaoke Diva
Obsessed with Music of all kinds
A Make-Up Artist
A Kid at Heart
An Expert Rock Band Player (this is where my inner nerd comes out)
A 5k Runner (I should probably work on becoming more than that. Ha ha)
Certified in First Aid & CPR
Goal Oriented
A Painter
A Mac User (barely converted)
A Gardener
The Dress-Up Queen
A Giver
Not capable of getting tan (every time I try, I burn)
A Party Planner
A Brunette on the Internet

Who am I?
I am Tracy Jean Mills


Lynette Mills said...

Cute picture Tracy... but you are not a Simpson!

Cheryl said...

I can't believe that this post has been up for about 8 hours and I am the second to comment! I love this post. In fact I might copy the idea on my blog. haha.
But seriously I love it. And all of it true. This is what I have been telling you for years. You are wonderful and Amazing. Oh are you forgot Beautiful!

T-Ray said...

Thanks Cheryl... I don't know why nobody else has commented either. Maybe they think I am being vain or something and are not quite sure how to react.
But I really think you should copy me.... I am sure you would have lots more to say than I would. It actually really made me think about myself to see what I could come up with. It took me a while to come up with this list.

Kristin Hunsaker said...

How can we keep up with you Tracy.... Your amazing! :)

jamie hixon said...

We have a lot in common. ;)

whitty said...

You are the best FHE mom ever! cute post :)