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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo of the Week 6

This was taken from the top of the Empire State Building. I am glad I went up at night because there is something quite beautiful about city lights.


Lynette Mills said...

It's absolutely beautiful! ;)

jamie hixon said...

This just makes me panic. I don't have any desire to go up there. (But it is so pretty.)

Kel said...

I agree. night time is the best time to go up. plus you avoid the crowds!

Desiree said...

I always get excited when I see that a title of your post is a photo. I am in AWE of your pictures because ALL of them (so far) belong on post cards. You should get into that market. Wait! Is there a market for post cards anymore? :) And I LOVE that most of them are of NY. I SOOO want to go!

politicchic6 said...

I am a big fan of city lights.