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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 8

I am really excited for tonight. Why you ask? Because I am getting a full body massage. One of the great things about being a Massage Therapist is Trade. I have traded a massage in exchange for a friend doing my hair and my good friend Cheryl and I have been trading massages, since she is also a massage therapist. My massage teacher in school used to trade for all sorts of things... repairs, even furniture... but so far I have only traded for getting my hair done and massages. Cheryl and I decided in January to pick a Thursday once a month to trade. We missed last month (boy did I miss it) but other than that, we have done it. I can't tell you how great it is to get a massage once a month. I feel so much better after. When I was in school and getting them regularly, I could tell a world of difference on my body. Anyway, I'm excited for Cheryl to come over tonight!

Today I went to the court house to try and file for small claims court. I had NO idea how much paperwork is involved! It is kind of crazy. It is also kind of expensive, but worth it to get your money back. I guess it is good to learn how it all works, but I sure hope I never have to file small claims court on someone again.

I have really been able to tell this week that it is Spring Break. The Novell parking lot has been pretty empty... some of my co-workers have been gone spending time with their kids, and ALL the teachers (and there are a lot) in my ward are vacationing. Makes me wish that I had a Spring Break... but alas, I do not. Instead I can go wherever I want whenever I want as long as I have the Paid Time Off for it... which currently, I have TONS! Believe me, I am saving it for something AWESOME!

Last Friday I had lunch with my friend Liisa. We had Indian food, it was YUMMY! We ended up talking for 2 hours. She has become such a great friend and I really appreciate her. I had a great time. Hopefully we will be hanging out again soon. I love my lunch dates with friends. Such a great break for me from work and a perfect time to catch up one on one with people that I really care about.

Every week when Sara B and I go to tutoring, we never really know how it is going to go down. Some weeks there are tons of kids, other weeks, hardly any. There are hardly any consistent people that go to help, some weeks the kids are good, some weeks you can't get them to sit down and read to save your life. This week Sara and I were the first people (to help) there... this is pretty normal. We brought a veggie tray thinking... maybe they would eat some. They all crowded that tray and devoured the veggies like they had not eaten anything all day. Maybe they didn't. Even when we were going to take the left overs and toss them, the kids were stuffing their pockets with pea pods and carrots so they would have food for later and one kid took the rest of the tray. You would think we had candy or something. After spending a long time trying to get them to settle down, we finally got to some reading and on our way out had to break up a fight outside with some other kids. It was kind of intense for how young these kids are. Do gangs really start that young? You just never know what is going to happen when you go to tutor those kids.


rachel v. said...

ugh I am longing for a spring break too! That is great that you have paid time off though :) you are doing great work with those kids, its nice you brought them veggies- I wish all kids would consume them like that!

Caytlin said...

Yes, gangs really DO start that young...we're having problems with 4th graders at my school. And the kids at my school are like that with food...they hoard anything that they're offered because a lot of them only get to eat whatever is offered at school every day. It's sad and makes me grateful for all the food I have!

Lynette Mills said...

wow Tracy.. I've never seen kids hoard vegetables. What part of the city are they from?

jamie hixon said...

Ooooh full body massage. When are you coming to live with me again? (How was it?)
That is great that the kids were all over the veggies. Have you seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution show? IF not, check it out.
Also, good for you for tutoring.