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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you....

Okay, I realize that this is super nerdy, but in my defense, I actually just heard about this holiday this year. I think it is pretty funny. And even though I am not hard core about Star Wars... since I was nerdy enough to dress up as Queen Amidala for Halloween in 2001 and for the Star Wars Episode II Premier in 2002, I figured I should celebrate.

I was not the only one that dressed up. My good friends Shawntel and Aaron (Shawntel's brother) dressed up too! As we walked around... people would ask us if they could take their picture with us. It was kind of awesome.

I was looking online to see how people celebrates Star Wars day. Above, this couple got married on Star Wars day and as you can see.... did it on purpose. ha ha
How did I celebrate today? I went over to my friend Karen's house (she is awesome and funny) and she made lots of Star Wars treats and watched one of the Star Wars movies. I couldn't stay.. but I was glad I got to go for a little bit. It was awesome.


jamie hixon said...

Are THOSE the treats she made?!? If so, mad props!! DO you still have your Amidala outfit? Do you remember anything from the most recent 3 Star Wars movies? I don't.

T-Ray said...

I do still have my Amidala outfit! Of course! I thought about wearing it... but I knew I would be the only one dressed up and after the 70's party I can't take any more humiliation.
Yes, my friend DID make those treats. She is pretty awesome.
And no.... I don't remember anything from the most recent Star Wars movies. Ha! That tells you something.