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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Temple Reminds me.....

The temple reminds me of my eternal worth
The temple reminds me of joys beyond this earth
I love this house of
Where ord'nanc
es divine
Bring forth the blessings of God's
And they can all be mine

Have you seen th
e temple
On a dark and q
uiet night
Have you felt the power of
Its majesty and light
Its spires reach
up to heaven
Its doors call out to me
"Come enter in and find
the joys
That last eter

The temple reminds me of my eternal worth
The temple reminds me of joys beyond this earth
I want to be found clean a
nd pure
Upholding every
That I may enter in God's house
As He would have me do

Words by Joy Saunders Lundberg
Music by Jan
ice Kapp Perry

Last night was very special. I went through the temple for the first time. I always thought that my first time through would be when I got married or if I had decided to serve a mission, you know... when you need to go through, but I have to say.... it was kind of neat to come to a point in my life where I didn't have to go through.... but I wanted to go through and I felt ready. I decided in the fall that I wanted to go through, but I wanted to really prepare myself and be very spiritually ready and have worked to get to that point. I'm so glad I did. It was a very special experience. I was very blessed to have a lot of my family there. Of course I understood that some of my siblings couldn't make it, but I was happy for the ones that came. It was so special to have my mom and dad by my side helping me every step of the way.

I know that the Provo Temple gets pretty busy and crowded, so for my first time through, I decided to go to the Timpanogos Temple instead. It was beautiful. Loved it.

My sweet roommate Ashlee was so excited for me to go through the temple for the first time, so she made me a white cake. She spent two days decorating it to try and make it look like the Timpanogos Temple. It was awesome! I love it. It was so sweet to have someone decorate a cake for me and celebrate this special time in my life. (for those of you who are wondering about my diet, we ate it the night before... the day before I started the diet)

A special thank you to my wonderful family and friends for loving me and supporting me every step I take in my life. It means the world to me. Love you all!

*Side note* I decided to go do baptisms one more time before going through the temple. When I went they gave me family names AND I got to do 15 names! That is a record for me. I used to go every week for over 3 years and never did that many at a time. I thought it was awesome for my last time doing baptisms.*


Karen Ella said...

What?! I didn't know you meant THIS soon!!?!!!? YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! Now you can come with Tina and I every week! It is such a joyous experience. So ecstatic...WOO HOO!

Karen Ella said...

BTW, good first pick! ;) MTimp is stunning (and HUGE). But every temple is stunning in its own way.

Bethany and Shanam said...

Congratulations! That's the temple I chose to go through, too :) Enjoy your many future visits!

rachel v. said...

That is so awesome Tracy! What a great experience, you and your family look radiant in that picture :) We are so blessed to live so close to the temple.

Abby Wright said...

Congragulations!!! That is AMAZING! I love timp its a special temple. You are amazing and I love that you were able to go though! So HAPPY for you!!

Jenni and Mitch Miller said...

congrats tracy! the temple is so amazing isn't it?

BRIAN said...

WOW!!! That is so neat to see you and some of your family in that picture! You are so blessed to have them there to go in with you and support you. I am very happy for you to experience the joys that come along with the temple and preparing yourself to go. I think the preparation for me before i went was small changes but came with big blessings! I am sure it was like that for you too.

BRIAN said...

-its lolly.

Bre Ahrens said...

congrats! I'm super excited for you. i did the same thing...went through when i was ready, not when i got married or mission. I'm SO glad i did. :) It'll be a huge blessing in your life.

Caytlin said...

Congrats!! What a great day!! I love the Mt Timp temple. That's where I went through, and that's where we got married. It is beautiful! I'm glad your parents got to come be with you for this!! Just keep going back often!! :)

jamie hixon said...

That temple cake is the bomb! (Does anyone say that anymore? No matter- I specialize in antiquities.)
Also, I'm so proud of you. Wish I could have been there...

Kayleigh said...

Wow, that's awesome!! It's a big adjustment, and at first it was tough for me... But maybe we could go sometime when I can go. :)

Dallas and Kirsten said...

I'm so happy for you! That's wonderful your family was able to be there and the Timp temple is gorgeous. My little brother went through there for his first time a couple months before Dallas and I got married. I love you and am truly happy for all you've achieved!