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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 15

HCG report. Today is my LAST day on 500 calories. My last day of the drops was on Monday, so from Tuesday on I was able to wear lotion and make up again. It feels great! On Tuesday I made granola I can eat during the maintenance period. Oh, just smelling it makes me happy. It's so good and I can't wait to eat it for breakfast tomorrow! So I didn't quite make my goal of 20. I made it to 18. 2 pounds away from my goal is not too shabby. I'm happy with it. My pants are pretty loose too, so I am hoping I dropped a pants size. That would be JUST what I wanted. I just need to try on a smaller size to find out if it was enough. Thanks for everyone that supported me in this. I have a hard time and get defensive when people give me a hard time about this diet (and a lot of people do) telling me what I'm doing is not healthy or its stupid or I will just gain the weight back, but this is the 3rd time I have done it and I am the thinnest I have ever been in my life. I never thought I would feel thin ever, or happy with my body. Right now I am, so I appreciate the support during my many HCG journeys. I am excited to be off and to be able to exercise and start cooking again!

On Monday is snowed. Really, like full on snowed for hours and stuck to the ground. Gross huh? You know, since it is a few days away from June. I guess it hit the record for the latest snow in Utah .... EVER! So glad I could be here to witness History (not). I'm over the Utah Bi-polar weather. Hopefully it is done now and maybe it could warm up a little in June and give us some sun? That would be nice.

Something I found out this week, the train in Heber is no longer doing The Polar Express for Christmas. Sadness! It was so fun. I'm glad Ash and I got to go on its last year. Sorry to all of you that didn't get to go. It was fun. I don't know what they will do now, I'm sure they will come up with something. Hopefully it is equally as awesome.

This week at Tutoring, I learned something new from one of the kids. It's not beneficial in anyway, just funny. The boy told me what a "Corn Dog" & "Horn Dog" is. Ever heard of this? If you are thinking food, you are wrong. He said a "Corn Dog" is when you bump your knee into someone else's behind, so a "Horn Dog" is when you kick them in the behind. Educational huh? Oh the things kids learn in grade school. Who comes up with this stuff? He did inform me that you only do it to guys though, not girls. Glad he is learning to be a gentleman, or maybe girls still have cooties.

I have observed that guys like girls in boots. I don't know why. Every time I wear boots (doesn't matter if they are over my jeans or under my jeans) I get checked out more by guys. I always get compliments by guys. They don't tell me that I look nice (well sometimes they do) or they like my outfit, they tell me they like my boots. My co-workers (middle aged married men) always compliment the boots. Doesn't matter if I have worn them many times before... they compliment them every time. I like the compliments, its nice. I just wonder what it is about boots that guys like so much. I feel pretty awesome when I wear boots too, but maybe it is because of my observation. Maybe there is some sort of power behind boots. j/k. It is all interesting though.


Lauren Graff said...

Tracy! That is so awesome, way to go girl! haha I love that observation...guys do like boots! Strange. Boots are cute. But why do they like them so much?

Nicole said...

Way to go Tracy! So proud of you. Hopefully I'll be right behind you.

William said...

Good work Tracy!! I'm glad that you are here enjoying some sunshine in SB and out of the snow :) Love you - Lori

Kayleigh said...

Ppl that give you crap are idiots! I think sometimes ppl are way too vocal about their opinion!

But good job for staying strong on your diet! I decided I'm not going to do it again - I got a gym pass instead! So far I haven't lost anything... Oh well. Ha!

Anonymous said...

A Girl with boots are one Boot Goddess