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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Office

A long time ago I posted a blog post about my job at Novell. Well... a little bit about it. Then later I posted my first photo of the week photo. I have been at my job for over a year now and I felt like I should feel more at home there in my office... you know, decorate. Just a little. Nothing too fancy, but I wanted to blow up a picture that I took and hang it on the wall. On facebook I had a vote to see which picture I should blow up and put in my office and Photo of the Week #1 won. So I did it! I blew it up on canvas and it is hanging on the wall in my office and I love it. My co-workers thought I bought it somewhere. When I tell them that I took the picture, they ask me for a copy sometimes. I even have a friend that blew it up and put it in her office.

I also got a plant and a candy dish. The candy dish is not just for me (especially now that I am on the diet) but it is also to welcome in my co-workers. I figured my co-workers and I could become better friends if they visited me in my office more, even if their is candy involved. :o)
I also bought a heater.... I'm so much happier now because its FREEZING in my office.
I have a picture of my whiteboard. I never write on it, but sometimes my boss does when talking about stuff with me. My co-worker's daughter, when she comes to visit, she comes and draws pictures on my board. When I was having a bad day, she knew and then went home and drew me a picture and her mom brought it to me the next day. Isn't that the sweetest? So I have that hanging on the board too.

So here is how it turned out. I feel like there is still a lot of space, but it feels more like my space now. I like it. I don't know if you can see... but I also have some other pictures hanging on the board and on the book shelf. I also folded a bunch of origami cranes out of candy rappers that I have eaten. I also have some cards that people have given me on the top shelf by my personalized calendar from Novell. bla bla bla, I am sure you don't care, I guess this is more for me to remember in the future (the details).

So now you see where I work, where I spend the majority of my days, where I sometimes blog from. Sitting, right here in my office, listening to my music, smelling my fruity candle, working.


Star Girl said...

Love the candy dish. And the blog. I'm glad you can appreciate the little things;)



rachel v. said...

I love it :) very homey, I bet that helps a ton when it comes to making it through the work week