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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend in Santa Barbara- Day 4

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope that you all have had a great weekend and remember why we have this nice day off. As I went to the beach this morning with my friends, I saw flags and crosses all along the beach. I thought it was great. I am very thankful for the soldiers who have and are fighting for our country. We are truly blessed.
Today was the last day of my trip home. I told you it would go by too fast. It really did. I am not really ready to go back yet, but I'm leaving very early in the morning to fly back.
This morning Brad and Lauren came back over and we all got ready to go to the beach. Before we left (while I was eating breakfast) we let my mom's birds out of the cage so we could play with them. They are so fun because they are tame. I love those birds. My nieces named them Sweetheart & Little Dude. They were a big hit with Steve & Brad. While I was eating my granola, the birds came and landed on my bowl and started drinking my milk. I thought it was so funny.
We then went downtown to the Harbor where Brad, Steve and Lauren rented kayaks. I would normally love doing this, but wasn't feeling that great today. So while they kayaked, Lorelie, Ashlee and I took a nap on the beach (I got a little sun burn) and built a sand castle.

After that we headed home. Once again my dad had BBQed for us. So everyone had a great lunch and then Lorelie & Ashlee headed back to UT, Steve headed back to San Francisco, and Brad & Lauren headed back to Newport Beach. So now it is just back to me and my family. I fly back to Provo tomorrow and Jamie drives back to Arizona tomorrow as well.
Because we packed in SO much this weekend, I was pretty tired and just took it easy the rest of the day with my parents and sister.
Before Ashlee & Lorelie left, Ash and I wanted to take a picture next to this sign next to my parents house. Ashlee's last name is Whitaker (close to Whittier) and mine is Mills.

The weekend was a blast. I love my home of Santa Barbara. I love my family and spending time with them whenever I can, and I am blessed with many good friends. It was SO great to be able to spend time with Steve & Brad this weekend. We have been best friends for 6 years and I don't get to see them very often anymore, so it was really a treat. So glad they were willing to drive and come visit me. I am also so glad my parents don't mind having a packed house. Over the years, my parents have downgraded in size on the house. This weekend we had my parents in their room, my sister and her two kids in another room, me and Ashlee & Lorelie in another room and Steve was on an air mattress in the study! That is 7 adults & 2 kids in a 3 bedroom house. It was a blast, but I always love a party. :o)
It was a wonderful weekend.
P.S. I posted all of the pictures on facebook for anyone that wants to see.


rachel v. said...

So glad you had such a wonderful time at home! Now you probably need a vacation after your vacation :) you did so much fun stuff!

jamie hixon said...

Thanks for the good time. I am not looking forward to the drive home!
(But I am looking forward to your visit to AZ soon!)

Karen Ella said...

Oh so jealous of you three!

s a r a s o d a 1 said...

What a cool weekend trip Tracy!!!
I loved going to your parents house in Santa Barbara!!! The beach is calling my name right now...

Lynette Mills said...

Miss you already!

Desiree said...

It looks like you had SUCH a fun filled weekend with friends, family, food, the beach, etc... I'm so glad that it turned out to be the perfect weekend you were looking for. You deserve it! :) And the tidepooling looks SUPER cool! I will for sure have to try that sometime and I LOVE the family bikes. I've totally done that before and LOVED it!

whitty said...

I was bummed all day today at work in rainy 'ol Springville and eating cold cereal for dinner. I had such a wonderful weekend! You and your family are awesome!! Thanks, everyone. Good 'ol Goleta :)

William said...

Tracy! Sorry that i didn't get to say goodbye and see you one last time before you left. I was kinda sad that I had to get ready and entertain Billys Dad & Grandma for the last day you were here. Glad i got to hang out a couple days :) And I didn't get my blog going...
Love you - Lori