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Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Weekend in Santa Barbara- Day 1

I came home Thursday night. My mom came and got me from the airport. I can't tell you how nice it is to be home, especially after the Utah Bi-Polar weather. Plus, I always enjoy coming home anyway. My sister Jamie and her kids came too. So today, we spent the day chatting and playing with the kids AND today was my first day I could eat more than 500 calories. It was so exciting I almost burst! We spent most of the day up at my sister Lori's house up in the mountains. Her house is so cute. It is amazing what they have done to the place. I was most excited to meet my new nephew Zachary who was born a couple of weeks ago. He is SO A-Dorable! Seriously, so tiny and so perfect in every way. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend holding him. I love him already. It is amazing how much you love your nieces and nephews.

So because I love my nieces and nephews so much, I just loved playing with them today. I love that they know me and like me and that I have formed a great relationship with each of them. I'm pretty lucky to have 7 amazing and adorable little nieces and nephews.
So my two sisters and my mom and I had lunch at Lori's. Best lunch I have had in 26 days. :o) After that we went for a little hike to the River by my sisters house. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, perfect temperature. So we sat out in the sun and waded in the nice water and the kids threw rocks and it was relaxing and wonderful.
While we were at the River, these two deer came RIGHT by us and crossed the river. I love seeing deer, they are such beautiful animals. This is nothing new for my sister living in the mountains though... she gets to see them everyday, along with wild turkey and sometimes a snake or two.
After we got back from a day at my sisters house, my good friend Holly that I grew up with came and got me and we went to "The Beachside Cafe". It was so fun to see her and catch up. I also love that we got to sit outside and eat right next to the ocean. While I was looking out on the ocean while we were eating dinner I saw a dolphin. Oh the things I love about being home. It was fun to go out to eat again. It was a beautiful evening.
Then I came home and made some granola so I could have some at home. THEN my friends Ashlee and Lorelie got here. They drove from Provo today to come spend the weekend with me at home. I am looking forward to tomorrow. We are going to have a jolly good time.
This weekend has already been amazing and it has just started. I can already see me not wanting to go back to Utah.


Katie H. said...

Oh, Holly! How I miss her! I can't wait to be home in about 30 days!!!

rachel v. said...

this all sounds so fun! You are so so lucky to have nieces and nephews, and they are all so cute :) have fun back home! I miss it too...

jamie hixon said...

You took the best pictures of my kids! I need access to the rest.
It was a great day.
I like Holly's hair.

Dan Hixon said...

I miss my babies!