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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Weekend in Santa Barbara- Day 3

Today we all got to sleep in, which was great. This trip has been wearing us out. We sat around in the morning and then went to church with my parents. After church Brad and his wife Lauren drove up from New Port Beach, where they are living now to spend the rest of the weekend with us. We went to iMadonnari at the Santa Barbara Mission. It is something they do every year. They have artist (many local, but some not) working all weekend on a chalk drawing at the mission. A lot of them are quite amazing. It is like going to a museum, except this one will eventually be washed away. We also visited the rose garden by the Mission.

We then came back home and my dad put on yet another amazing BBQ for us. One last night, one tonight and one more tomorrow afternoon. My dad feeds us like royalty! The BBQ is amazing. We also have been enjoying eating outside on this beautiful weekend of perfect weather. It also has been so fun to be with my friends AND family.

After dinner we went to hang out at the beach and watch the sunset, the boys chased the seagulls and we just laughed and played. Ashlee, Lorelie and I want to spend as much time at the beach before we have to go back to Provo. It was a beautiful way to spend the evening. It has been so fun to be with Brad and Steve again too. I have really missed them. Such great friends, and getting together is just like old times.
After the beach we came home and played "Things" the game for hours. It was a lot of fun. Now we are off to bed. Tomorrow is our last day in beautiful Santa Barbara. I'm sad already. I don't want it to be over, I have been having SO much fun!


Nicole said...

It looks like your trip is AMAZING! I wish I was there. You look great.

rachel v. said...

your pictures are gorgeous! I LOVE imodinari, that is so great you get to be there that weekend. I hope you have enjoyed your trip and feel relaxed and refreshed :)