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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 20

I'm so tired that I can't think anymore. I have been so busy! I mean... I didn't even try to do a post everyday this month like I did in March, but I posted even more. 32 posts in one month! Crazy. Anyway... I'm so tired I forgot what I was going to write about today. Normally I do my confessions post during my free time at work, but it has been busy lately and I have been tired. So I am going to try and remember what I was going to write about.

You know what is funny? When you are at a really happening party, there are tons of people there... so many in fact that it is really loud and the neighbors complain about the noise. So the cops show up to tell you to quite down. The funny part is when you look to see the cops and you know one of them because he used to be in your ward before he got married. He is on duty so I can't talk.... so he gives a nod to say hi. Must be so awkward for him. I thought it was pretty funny though. We had a couple of cops in our ward. You always hope if you are going to get pulled over, that it will be by one of those guys.

I saw that someone deleted me as a friend on facebook. I shouldn't care, but it kind of hurts my feelings.... only because this person is someone I spent a lot of time with and thought we were for reals friends and not just facebook friends. I called them out on it and added them back as a friend again with a message that said "Why did you delete me? I thought we were friends". I wanted to make sure they felt bad. So next time I saw this person they came up to me and said sorry for deleting me, it was stupid and thanks for calling them out on it. I felt better.... but then they never confirmed my friendship. I saw this person again at a party and they wanted to be all friendly with me. WHY? If you don't think I am a good enough friend to have on facebook, then why pretend in person. I dislike fake people. And why even bring it up to me in the first place if your not even going to do anything about it.

I just found out this week that there are two guys that I know that are over 31 and have NEVER kissed a girl. Does that concern anyone else? I understand that some guys are shy and awkward, but come on.... I understand if girls get to that point, they don't have as much control as guys do. These guys are normal, good looking, social, friendly... there is not one good reason that I can think that they have not kissed a girl. Seriously.... where is the drive? I question if they are attracted to women, but it seems like they are. I just don't get it. I feel like I should help them out.... but I won't.

I have met a lot of REALLY friendly guys this week. The party I was talking about earlier... so many people were there that it was super hot, I tried to get more water but there were so many people that I was blocked in every direction.  A guy overheard me say this and says "Here, you can have some of mine" I thought he was just joking, but then he hands over his glass. So I say "Um, whats your name?" He answers "Oh, it doesn't matter, just have some of my drink".  Me- "Well, I feel like I should at least know your name before we share germs". I think his name was Andrew. I don't remember. Then some other guy wanted to use my cup to get some water that I didn't know....
Then, tonight, I was with my friend Jeanna. She saw the amazing Lemon Cake on my blog and wanted to make it... so I told her I would help her out because it was amazing. I was excited to be able to try it with Lavender this time, so we went for a little walk in the dark with flashlights to go find and pick lavender.

Turns out what we found and picked was NOT lavender, so I still don't get to try the cake with lavender... BUT... on our way back from picking random purple flowers that was not lavender, there was a car with a couple of guys that drove by with their window down and said hi as they drove by. Being the friendly person that I am, I said hi back. We continued to walk on and all the sudden the car turned around and they stopped by us. I didn't know if we should be frightened or not, but we stopped. They asked us if we wanted to have their glow stick bracelets. So we took them. They introduced themselves to us and we made small talk, turns out they are new in our ward. We just didn't know what to expect, but they were nice friendly guys that just wanted to give their glow stick bracelets to two friendly girls. We thought it was awesome and we wore them the rest of the night.
I need more sleep.
The End.


Prince said...

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Jeanna said...

Thanks for wasting our time "random purple flowers that are not even lavender!"
Also thanks Tracy for making that super delicious cake with me. I ate way too much.
P.S. i hope you don't find any surprise on your porch in the morning (hopefully the cats get to it first)

Lynette Mills said...

Have you ever thought that there are actually some guys out there who might want to save kissing for the girl they will marry? I know it seems far fetched... but I actually think there might be someone like that still out there.

T-Ray said...

Mom, I could maybe go for that idea if these guys even dated... but they don't. They are not even trying. No drive. I feel like this is not normal.

Bre said...

Ok, time for my true confessions...after I got married, I went on Facebook and deleted some people that I hadn't really spoken to in years...just felt the need for a cleanse...so after your post, I had to check my facebook to make sure you were still one of my friends and was happy to see that you were. (Not that i'm on facebook that much anymore anyway...)

Ironically, I feel like we probably know eachother better now than when we were in the same ward together cuz of blogging.

gotta love the internet!

PS....love your confession posts. keep them coming!

whitty said...

Confessions crack me up! You know, maybe those guys just need a girl to walk up and lay one on 'em - nice and long. Then they'd realize what they've been missing! Astounding, really...

politicchic6 said...

I know a few guys who haven't kissed a girl who are thirty and they fall into 2 camps, respectful of women, and really see kissing as an intimacy they don't want to spread around (or the super shy) or weird (ish) people that never have the opportunity. I'd be more concerned about guys who kiss (or try to kiss) every girl they go out with, or even some they refuse to date and just make out with.

Also, random note. Once Adam Ferguson came up and told me I'd deleted him as a friend on facebook. I had no idea. I really have never deleted anyone, so I was shocked. Sure enough, when I checked he wasn't my friend. So I added him again. But honestly, I'd never touched the thing. So what can I say.