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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 103

So I finally weighed in this last week after a month of pretty much no sugar or carbs, eating 1200 calories or less and exercise I lost ... 8 pounds. I was hoping for 10, but 8 is not bad. That is two pounds a week and that is healthy weight loss. I am just hoping my body can keep it up. I am stepping up the exercise now and I am hoping I will lose 10 pounds this month. That would be awesome. I am making progress though... slowly but surely.

Speaking of working out... my calves have been SO soar since going to pilates on monday. MONDAY!! They should not still be hurting. I guess that is how you know you are working hard.

You know what is a huge turn off to me? When people think they are better and or cooler than other people. This goes for guys and girls. Guess what? Your not. It is so attractive to me when a guy can be super sweet to everyone (especially children, old people and mentally and physically challenged) no matter what. I guess I really like nice people. The people that do find themselves to be better and or cooler... I don't get why ANYONE would think that. I mean... I don't care where you came from, how much money you have and what you do... it doesn't make you better than anyone else, especially to the point where you bully them or talk down to them. "A person's a person no matter how small". You can probably tell that this has been bugging me lately. :)

Our Institute was awesome yesterday. We had a guest speaker. That guest speaker was the head of the church media. So we watched about how they have been advertising and doing missionary work online. We also watched "I'm a Mormon" videos that they have posted on their website and been showing on commercials. It was really awesome to see how much positive attention we are getting. It was a great class and by the end I was wanting to set up my "I'm a Mormon" profile and link it to my blog. I'm excited.  Sharing the gospel is so easy now, we should all be taking advantage of it. Anyway.. the guy that spoke to us was awesome and he would tell us about the presidency and things they would do and say. We even got to see one of the "I'm a Mormon" video's that he has not even shown to the Presidency yet for approval. We got a secret showing. :) Great class. Go look at Mormon.org if you have not had the chance.

I have not really cared that much about keeping up with Glee ever since the first season was over. Just hasn't been as good... not as many good heart warming messages and even their song selection has not been as great as the beginning. However... I was excited to watch this week because they were doing a Michael Jackson episode. Every song, MJ. I loved it. A lot of the time they were trying to imitate the actual MJ music video so I could mostly guess what the song was going to be before it even played.  They did a great job covering his songs too and picked many different songs over the years starting from when he was in Jackson Five all the way to the History album. It was about time they did an MJ episode on Glee. I was just waiting for it! Great show... great show.


Darrell said...

I don't like jerks either.

Kristy said...

Congrats on 8 pounds! That's great. Also, I love the I'm a Mormon segments.There is one about the guy in Springville who owns the Harley motorcycle art place on Main street.

Lori said...

Tracy! Great job on your healthy weight loss :) That is so awesome. I hope you are remembering to stretch- it helps out with the soreness. But, it does feel good to be sore because you know you are working hard.
I will have to revisit Mormon.org. That sounds so neat!

jamie hixon said...

The people who live in the great and spacious building are super annoying, aren't they?
I see the "and I'm a Mormon" commercials at the gym all the time. Once I even saw the one about Byron Elton. It was trippy. I wanted to yell "That's my old seminary teacher, everyone!!" Ha.
CONGRATS on the weight loss. Apparently my body doesn't know how to do that anymore.
I have only seen one episode of Glee... it just isn't my thing. But if I were to commit to watching one more episode, it would be the MJ episode.