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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 104

I have been feeling so productive this week! I like feeling productive, however the things I got done had to be done on my lunch break because they are not open on the weekends or after work... so I had to sacrifice my work out time. Oh well. Let me tell you the things I got done and am going to get done this week.

I got my safety and emissions test for my car and re registered my car.
I renewed my passport (can NOT believe it has already been 10 years)
Got my eyelashes filled
Had our monthly roommate dinner (blog post coming soon)
My dad helped me work on my taxes (almost done)
Going to the dentist for my cleaning tomorrow morning
Getting my hair done on Saturday
Going to start working on recording my CD with Wes Saturday (FINALLY)
Get some things for my room makeover tomorrow
Finished the 4th Season of LOST  (so maybe that is not that productive... but I did it while at work... multi-tasking, so it felt productive)

It feels good to get things done. P.S. the weather has been SO awesome. It feels like Spring almost. It has been seriously great. Best Winter here ever.

So Sunday was a sad day for me. We had Stake Conference and our Stake Presidency got released. To most people this would not be a big deal. I feel like most people in singles wards don't even really know who their Stake Presidency is. At least that is how I felt in every singles ward before this one. What is sad is that I remember when this Stake Presidency was put in 5 years ago. Yeah... that is how long I have been around here. Never thought it would be like this, but it is what it is. Anyway, I have never seen a Stake Presidency of a singles stake more dedicated and involved as these men were. This Stake Presidency held FHE's at their homes, they visited all of the wards, made sure our Stake put on musical firesides 3 times a year, started doing stake triathlons every summer, a service quilting activity every March, service to help plant flowers at Temple Square every year, put on a breakfast for each ward every Christmas to say hi to everyone and Merry Christmas, started the most amazing Institute program in South Provo, got our stake involved in the tutoring program and the list goes on. As great and amazing as that all is... that is not what made them so special to me. Out of 2,000 people... they knew me. Yes I had been in the stake the whole time they were serving in their calling, and yes they saw me sing at some stake firesides here and there, but it is not like they just called me by name when they saw me, it was more than that. It was more than that. When my ex and I were on the rocks trying to figure out if we were really going to get married or not President Meacham knew what was going on. It was the hardest most devastating thing I have ever gone through so far in my life. He could have said sorry you are going through this and just let me cry it out... but he didn't. Every time he saw me at church he was asking me how I was doing even long after we broke up. Not only did he tell me that I could call him and talk to him whenever and gave me his home phone number and work phone number, but he would CALL ME! While he was at work. He took the time to see how I was doing, give me advice and hope and comfort and let me cry to him. And he would call me more than once a week at times. He REALLY helped me out in a great time of need. He was there for me when my Bishopric wanted nothing to do with my problem. I needed someone to talk to and be on my side about it and he was. I will never forget what he did for me. He went out of his way for me. 2,000 people to take care of and he did that for ME! After the break up... I got a sweet email from the Stake President. President Baker. He wrote me to tell me Merry Christmas and he knew that I was having a hard time but wanted me to know that he was sorry it happened and that I was a good person. It meant so much to me. What great men. Back in November I made each of them a loaf of banana bread and gave them a letter telling them how much they have meant to me and how much I appreciate them. I am so glad I did. I believe that if someone has made a difference in your life and you appreciate them... You should really tell them. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Anyway, I did and I'm glad. They are great men and I am going to miss them a lot. I maybe cried during their release.

So I was googling something and I came across this website called "Confessions of a Ward Hopper". It sounded entertaining so I went to the site. He wrote an essay on singles wards, and for the most part I agree with him. I did feel like he was harsh on the women though. It made me feel like I was doomed to every get married. I am curious to know what other people think. My roommates and I talked about it. I sure makes for interesting conversation. If you would like to read this short essay, you can click on Confessions of a Ward Hopper and it will take you there.

I have been slacking on my journal jar blog, so sorry for those who actually read it and are doing the questions for themselves. I will try and be better.

I went to a birthday party of a guy that lives at the end of my row of buildings. It was a very high energy birthday... which was fun. There was dancing in the basement, karaoke. My kind of party if you know what I mean. The best was that the guy who's birthday it was... his dad sells those mini trampolines, so they have 3 of them in their living room. Not only were people dancing while people sang karaoke (like when Joel sang New York New York and the girls on the trampoline were all doing the can can all together) but Joel (the birthday boy) and his roommate Oliver actually made up trampoline dance routines and performed them for the party. It was pretty entertaining. I'm not going to lie, it made me kind of want to get one.

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jamie hixon said...

Your Stake Presidency sounds amazing. How lucky that they were there for you, and how great that you let them know what they meant to you. Good job, Trace!

Good for you for being so productive. I feel the opposite. Hopefully my time will come. Sick kids put a cramp in your style.

That birthday party sounds rad! I wish I had that much energy, I get tired just thinking about all that dancing and jumping.