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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lady Antebellum Concert

This year for Valentines day... my roommates (and Vicki) decided to go to a concert since we all didn't have Valentines. We got the ticket's early... Lady Antebellum is pretty legit, so we knew it would sell out.

Turns out it was a good decision to go to that concert. First of all, they won like 7 Grammy's this year. Second, it was a sold out show (at the Energy Solutions Center) of about 14,000 people. We were late getting there so we didn't have to mess too much with crowds then, but imagine everyone trying to get out. Yeah... it took a while. It was worth it though, it was a good show.

We missed the first opening band (which is okay... I don't really like country that much). We got there for like half of the second act... which was Darius Rucker. Also a country singer so I wasn't bummed to miss half of his show. I didn't recognize his name... but I did recognize him. Used to be the lead singer of Hootie and the Blow Fish. Then he went solo and country. He did play one Hootie song and I was pretty excited about that. He also did a "Prince" cover of Purple rain. Every time I actually recognized a song I knew it was a cover song because I actually knew it. ha ha... yeah, like I said, I am not the biggest country fan.

We had a little dancing break...

And then it was Lady Antebellum. Yes... they are country as well, but they are more mainstream country which I like more of. That being said... I still don't know a lot of their music. I only know a few of their songs that play on the radio. One of them I love and I know all of the words to. They didn't play it... until the encore. ha ha. I was worried they wouldn't do it... but they did and I loved it. I have attached the video. I love that they slowed it down a little. The only thing I wish they would have done differently was make it a little more personal. One of the reasons I love going to concerts is because you get to know the artist more because they tell stories about themselves and their music and you leave loving them that much more. I didn't get that AT ALL from Lady Antebellum. I was really hoping I would, but I didn't. However... they put on a great concert.

A great concert with great friends! It was a night well spent and a great Valentines Day.


Kel said...

perfect way to spend v-day! love you!

jamie hixon said...

That concert arena looks HUGE! And it looks like fun, but I feel so out of the loop, because I've never heard of this band before. Ha! Thanks for the exposure.