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Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Friday 51

Today was such an awesome day and let me tell you why.

#1 Went to the Dentist and they told me my teeth look awesome.
#2 It was a beautiful day today. Felt like Spring. BEST. WINTER. EVER!
#3 On the way back to work I got pulled over and the cop didn't give me a ticket. Pretty sure that is the first time every for me. We chatted it up about Novell instead and he just gave me a warning.
#4 Paula was gone today from work so things were a lot more relaxed
#5 Alex brought baked goods to work
#6 Going to Pilates was awesome
#7 They were serving Salmon for lunch in the cafe
#8 They were also giving out free food at another part of the cafe, so we got some free food
#9 Ran into Blythe and Rob at Ikea
#10 We sat around chatting most of the day

Since it was a good day, It can only be a good flash back right? Oh wait... they should all be good. Well... I will make this one a Santa Barbara flashback. A beach flashback. I miss the beach. This is from Summer of 2004. Veda brought some of her friends she made in Utah back home with her and invited Katie, Holly and I to join with them. It was good times. The girl that I have my arm around (besides Veda) is Nicole... who I later moved into her ward and became friends with her. I later found this picture and thought how funny it was how things worked out. We didn't remember each other from that visit. I mean... we remember that visit of course, just not each other specifically. Anyway, Nicole and I are good friends now. In fact she also does my hair... which I am going to see her tomorrow. :)

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jamie hixon said...

I miss the beach too! Glad you had a good day... I'm hoping for one of those soon.