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Monday, February 6, 2012

Tara's Birthday

My good friend Tara's birthday was on Saturday. She was going to be spending the day with family, so we celebrated with her on Friday. We went out to Mimi's Cafe and then we visited some friends and then watched a movie at my place. Pretty low key, but we celebrated. Hard to get too crazy with the celebrating when you are dieting. We had a good time though. Funny side note... after we finished eating we left Mimi's and we all realized we forgot our To Go boxes at the table. ALL of us! So we sent TJ (Jessie's boyfriend) back in to get them for us. We thought it was funny to see him walking out with all of the boxes (none of which were his)

I am so thankful for Tara. She is an awesome friend and an amazing girl. She is a great example to everyone around her, so easy going and she is always making me laugh. I always have a good time when I am with Tara... which is why we have adopted her as a roommate (along with Vicki). We love our adopted roommates. :) Love you Tara. Hope you had a great birthday. Thanks for being my friend! Many good times to come!


Darrell said...

I wish Tara was my BFF too...

jamie hixon said...

Mmmmmm.... Mimis.
You all are lookin' good, too!

Lori said...

Wish we had a mimis here. Glad you have such good friends Tracy :)